CMS Marine Shop

The CMS Marine Shop, located in the Marine Science Warehouse, provides manufacturing and prototyping support to the faculty, students and engineers of the College of Marine Science at USF and its associated institutions, FWC, USGS, and FIO.

With a 2500 square ft warehouse facility, the machine shop offers a variety of services: from basic maintenance to instrument/equipment manufacturing.

Technical Capabilities:

  • Turning Equipment: 5 metal working lathes with turning capacity up to 18" diameter and 60" length
  • Milling: 3 Knee mills with maximum capacity of up to 18" x 40".
  • Cutting: Panel Saw for wood and aluminum plates 16' x 8' table capacity
  • Bending: Up to 1/2" aluminum and 1/4" stainless. Automated and manual benders with maximum 2" rollers.
  • Shear/Punch: 5 ton Pirana hydraulic punch and shear.
  • Welding: TIG, MIG, electric arc, and spot welding. Includes automated rotary tables, inert gas supply rack and 12' x 6' welding table
  • Depth Testing and Simulation: Diving and hydrostatic pressure simulator with internal capacity of 8" diameter and 30" length, pressures up to 2500 PSI (1700 m sea water depth)
  • Wood Shop: Includes routers, sanders, panel saw, crafting tools.
  • Other equipment: General tooling, taps, sand blaster, grinders, granite measuring table, compressor, rail crane, 48" metal shear.

To contact the marine shop, (727) 553-1513.