Lembke, Chad
Mechanical Engineer

Chad Lembke

MME, 2007, University of South Florida

BSME, 1995, University of South Florida

Phone : (727) 553-3976
Fax : (727) 553-3967
E-mail :clembke@usf.edu

 Design of mechanics of sensors, vehicles, and platforms, including but not limited to pressure housing design, static and dynamic seals, high and low pressure fluid transfer, vacuum systems, fixturing (optical, electrical, mechanical), cable splicing, power and data transmission, and overall sensor layout. Engineering support on multiple AUV, ROV, Buoy, and towed platform deployments and operations locally and abroad. Current focus is directed toward running the Bottom Stationing Ocean Profiler project.


Professional Experience

January 1998 - Present Mechanical/Ocean Engineer, University of South Florida CMS Ocean Technology Group, St. Petersburg, FL.

May 1995 - December 1997 Mechanical Design Engineer, Specialty and Luxury Watercraft, David Jones and Associates, Pinellas Park, FL.

September 1994 - May 1995 Mechanical Properties Testing Technician, Sigma Laboratories, Pinellas Park, FL.


Professional Organization

American Society of Mechanical Engineers
Marine Technology Society


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