Tony Greco Tony Greco

Electron Microscope Manager

Tony is responsible for managing the Electron Microscope facility located on the second floor of the Knight Oceanographic Research Center. With over 36 years of experience in electron microscopy, Tony brings a wealth of knowledge in biological TEM, SEM and x-ray microanalysis. Responsibilities include coordinating the daily operation of the electron microscope facility and overseeing and maintaining the TEM, SEM, EDS and specimen preparation equipment including an ultramicrotome, critical point drier and sputter coater.

Two graduate level courses are offered on the theory and techniques of electron microscopy. The first covers Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) while the second course is devoted solely to biological Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM). An undergraduate SEM course will also be offered beginning in the spring semester of 2015. All students are given hands on training in specimen preparation and instrument operation as well as background theory in classroom lectures. A personal project in each class assures that students have mastered the basic fundamentals of TEM and SEM."

Tony also trains and advises faculty, students and USGS scientists in specimen preparation and the use of equipment for thesis and research projects. He acquires high resolution images for publication in scientific journals.

He also manages the hazardous waste storage facility and schedules regular laboratory safety training sessions for all personnel working in marine science laboratories.


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Tony Greco in front of the Scanning Electron Microscope