Spectrophotometric Elemental Analysis System

The SEAS II sensor is a highly sensitive in-situ sensor capable of nanomolar level detection of nutrients and trace metals based on liquid core waveguide technology. (Callahan Michael R, Kaltenbacher Eric A et al. 2002). This sensor utilizes well characterized chemistries to analyze a variety of analytes, including nitrate, nitrite, phosphorous, phosphate, CO2, pH and iron. The Spectrophometric Elemental Analysis System ( SEAS ) utilizes long pathlength absorbance spectrometry ( LPAS ) combined with colorimetric protocols to achieve the sensitivity required to measure analytes at nanomolar concentration levels.

The SEAS II sensor has incorporated variable chemistry programming capability and support for multiple connected instruments, such as a CTD, fluorometer, and a photosynthetically active radiation ( PAR ) sensor. The allows for highly flexible implementation of measurement chemistries for wide range of analytes and inclusion of external sensor data into the SEAS II data.


Project Team

Dr. Robert Byrne, project lead