Patrick Schwing
College of Marine Science
University of South Florida


B.S. Marine Science (Geology) 2006, Eckerd College, St. Petersburg, FL

Ph.D. Marine Science (Chemical Oceanography) 2011, College of Marine Science, University of South Florida, St. Petersburg, FL


Research Interests

Sedimentary dynamics and climate history in the coastal and near-shore zones using radionuclides, stable isotopes, and elemental ratios.



Schwing, P.T. (2011). A Sedimentary Record of Regional Land-Use and Climate Change in the Manatee River, Manatee County, Florida. Dissertation, USF, College of Marine Science, St. Petersburg, FL.

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Brooks, Gregg R., Devine, Barry, Larson, Rebekka A., Schwing, Patrick T., Wallace, Leslie, E. (2007) Sedimentary Development of Coral Bay, St. John, USVI: Natural and anthropogenic influences. Caribbean Journal of Science, Vol.43, No.2.

Schwing, Patrick T (2006). Regional Climatology and Anthropogenic Impacts on Coastal Sedimentation Patterns: St. John, USVI. Thesis, Eckerd College, St. Petersburg FL.



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Research Cruises and Field Experience

British Petroleum Gulf of Mexico Sediment Assessment (2010-present)
• Responded to the Macondo well blowout by retrieving hundreds of multi-core and box-core samples aboard the R/V Weatherbird II to assess the presence of oil and its effect on benthic organisms through many methods including stable isotopes and radiochemistry.

Dry Tortugas National Park Seafloor Mapping (2008-2009)
• Acquired sidescan and high-resolution bathymetric imagery of the Dry Tortugas National Park (DRTO) used for mapping topography and benthic habitat in the deeper areas of DRTO that are not imaged by other methods such as LIDAR or aerial photos aboard the R/V Bellows.

West Florida Shelf Ocean Acidification Assessment (2008)
• Determined the CO2 enrichment, organic content and carbonate content from surface sediment samples, and SEAS chemical parameter measurements along the West Florida Shelf aboard the R/V Suncoaster.

Marine Radiogeochemistry of Puerto Rico (2008)
• Co-coordinated the push-core, surface sediment sampling, and water quality assessment of terrestrial and marine sites in Jobos, and El Yunke National Park.

Florida Straits Side-scan Sonar Survey (2008)
• Mapped and surveyed several previously unmapped features of interest on the seafloor using a pole-mounted Teledyne-Benthos C3D interferometric sidescan sonar aboard the R/V Bellows.

Eckerd College/USGS Sedimentology Projects (2003-2009)
• Collected vibracores, push cores, diver-assisted push cores, CHIRP sonar data, and surface sediment samples on land and aboard several research vessels including the R/V Gilbert for four regional projects; The Tampa Bay Project, Watersheds of the U.S. Virgin Islands, Hard-bottom research on Rattlesnake Key, FL, and Anoxic cycles of Charlotte Harbor, FL.