Paul Suprenand, Ph.D. candidate (B. Flower, advisor)
College of Marine Science
University of South Florida


B.A. Environmental Science & Biochemistry, 2001, University of Colorado at Bolder
M.S. Environmental Science & Engingeering, 2006, Colorado School of Mines

Research Interests

Investigations for utilizing pteropods as bioindicators of environmental change

Professional Experience

2010-Present, Adjunct Science Faculty at St. Petersburg College
2011-Present, Marine Science Advisory Committee President
2011-Present - Association of Polar Early Career Scientists Member
2007-Present, Owner & Photographer, Suprenand Photographic Adventures
2010, 2011 Teaching Assistant for graduate course Scanning Electron Microscope
2009, 2010, Science Mentor, Oceanography Camp for Girls
2003-2008, Lead Senior Associate in Cell Culture, Amgen Biotechnology
2007-2008, GIS Intern for the Conservation Biology Department, Denver Zoo
2005-2007, Bat & Raptor Monitor, City of Boulder, Open Space Mountain Parks
2006-2007, Research Assistant Intern for Dr. Kleypas, National Center for Atmospheric Research
2003-2004, Assistant Aquarist and SCUBA Diver, Downtown Aquarium
2002-2003, Aquatic Toxicologist, Kelly Scientific

Research/Field Experience

Suprenand Photographic Adventures, Research

Chief Scientist training for University-National Oceanography Laboratory research vessels
150+ Dives: Australia, Bahamas, Bermuda, Colorado, Costa Rica, Ecuador/Galapagos, Florida, Mexico, New Mexico, Panama, Puerto Rico, Thailand & the Virgin Islands
Sailed aboard the RVIB Nathanial B. Palmer for 7-weeks to collect marine samples from the western Antarctic Peninsula
Estuarine diving for core samples, sediment samples, and pore-water samples off of the North & South coasts of Puerto Rico
Blue-water diving off of the R/V Knorr, Eastern Tropical Pacific, to collect zooplankton
Sailed aboard the R/V Knorr for 4-weeks to measure ocean chemistry in the Eastern Tropical Pacific, NSF Grant# 0526545
Surface Support Research Diver, 99th Aquarius Mission in the Florida Keys - 2008, 2009
Artificial Reef Experiment off of the island of San Salvador, Bahamas
Monitored endangered animals in the Rocky Mountains
Hard coral propagation by fragmentation, conservation research project at the Downtown Aquarium
Honors and Awards: Carl Riggs Fellowship in Marine Science, 2011/2012
Carl Riggs Fellowship in Marine Science, 2010/2011
Marine Technology Society Scholarship, 2010/2011
Paul L. Getting Memorial Endowed Fellowship, 2009/2010
MINI Grant, Institute for the Study of America and the Caribben (ISLAC), travel to the Galapagos, 2009
Seaspace Corporation Scholarship, 2009/2010
National Scholars Honor Society, 2009
USGS Fellowship, 2008/2009
USF Peter R. Betzer Endowed Fellowship, 2008-2011
Tau Beta Pi Engineering Honor Society, 2006/2007
Paros-Digiquartz Marine Technology Society Scholarship, 2006/2007
CV Starr Endowment Fund Scholarship, 2005

Professional and Public Presentations and Publications

Suprenand, P.M., Torres, J.J., 2011. Distribution of gymnosomatous pteropods in western Antarctic Peninsula shelf waters during Austral fall. (In progress)
Suprenand, P.M., Torres, J.J., 2011. Physiology of gymnosomatous pteropods along the western Antarctic Peninsula continental shelf (In progress)
Suprenand, P.M., 2011. The US GLOBEC Program: Climate Change and Marine Ecosystems. Current: The Journal of Marine Education 27 (2), 1-41.
Suprenand, P.M., 2011. University of South Florida Magazine 53, No. 1, Tampa, Florida.
11th International Symposium on Antarctic Earth Sciences, 2011
The Studio@620 Antarctic Exhibit and Presentation of my Photography, 2011
Friendship Force Antarctic Presentation, 2011
Sierra Club Antarctic Presentation, 2011
Suprenand, P.M., 2010. Stress caused by ocean acidification endangers marine organisms. St. Petersburg Times, St. Petersburg, Florida.
Safety Harbor Library Antarctic Presentation, 2010

Community and Extra-curricular Activities

USF Diving Control Board Student Representative for the Marine Science Advisory Committee
USF Photographer
Photographer for the College of Marine Science
Chief Photographer for 2010 Antarctic Expedition
University of South Florida STREAMS Scholar Mentor for Allison (Allie) Nall
T-shirt Designer for the College of Marine Sciences
Reef Laboratory's Website Designer


PADI Rescue Diver, 2008
USF American Academy of Underwater Sciences (AAUS) Scientific Diver, Blue-water Certified, 2008
International Association of Nitrox & Technical Divers (IANTD), EANx Certified, 2008
DAN Oxygen Provider
First Aid & CPR