Eric Cross, M.S. student (D. Hollander, advisor)
College of Marine Science
University of South Florida

• Duke Univeristy, B.S. in Earth and Ocean Sciences, 2000
• Lab Technician, U.S. Geological Survey, 2000-2002

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Research Interests
Geochemical cycling in sedimentary and lacustrine environments, implementing stable isotopic analysis in paleoclimatic research. Current research involves Lake Tulane, FL, using hydrogen isotopic analysis to calibrate isotopic fractionation among various biota in a modern system, as well as utilizing this calibration to understand changes in atmospheric circulation and relative humidity in the geologic past. This project is helping to develop hydrogen isotopic measurements as a new proxy for understanding paleoclimate change as it relates to the hydrologic cycle.

Lake Tulane research page

Publications & Presentations
• International Limnogeology Congress, March 2003, poster presentation (Lake Tulane project)
• Geological Society of America, Fall 2003 Conference, oral presentation (Lake Tulane project)
• American Geophysical Union, Fall 2003 Conference, poster presentation (Lake Tulane project)