Kris Stair, M.S. student (T. Quinn, advisor)
College of Marine Science
University of South Florida

A.S., 1996, Biology, Garden City Community College, Garden City, KS
B.S., 2000, Geology, Wichita State University, Wichita, KS

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Research Interests
Being relatively new to USF, I do not have a specific thesis topic yet. With each journal article I read, the feeling builds that I am a kid in a candy store. There is so much good work being done currently. At this point, I am trying to learn what questions to ask and how to relate their importance to scientific applications. I am particularly interested in combining a density study with stable isotopic analyses to relate the trend of decreasing calcium carbonate precipitation by modern corals to increasing levels of carbon dioxide in the ocean. My project will most likely involve a 100-year paleoclimatic record of Montastrea annularis from the Caribbean.