Eugene Domack

Eugene Domack

Geological Oceanography
Ph.D., Rice University, 1982
Office Phone: 727.553.3355
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Research: Ice shelf systems; Glacial marine sedimentology; Biotic adjustments to ice shelf collapse; Neoproterozoic glacial events; Geochronology; Late Paleozoic glacial environments in Gondwana; Sediment geochemistry; Radiocarbon systematics in southern ocean.

Some of the most fundamental shifts in earth history have involved changes in climate state from icehouse to greenhouse conditions. Much of the work Gene is involved with revolves around understanding the changes that have taken place in Antarctica over the last glacial cycle up, to and including ice shelf disintegration of the last decade. The knowledge gained by studying the sediment facies, biotic changes, and cryosphere adjustments on the Antarctic margin, is also being applied to ongoing investigations of ancient episodes of rapid change, such as the great pan glacial events of the Neoproterozoic (the so called Snowball Earth events) and Late Paleozoic glacial sequences in the Gondwanan continents of Australia, Africa, and South America. Gene utilizes sedimentology, sediment geochemistry, and geophysics to test hypotheses related to changes in the earth's cryosphere. Ongoing projects include studies on the Otavi Platform (Namibia), the fjord lands of East Central Greenland, and in Svalbard. Work is also being conducted in the Oneida Lake basin of Upstate New York and in the Puget Lowland of Washington State, where exceptional records of deglacial events exist, both of which span important climate intervals in the Late Quaternary.

Dr. Domack is a 2011 Fellow of the American Geophysical Union and a 2012 Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science. Dr. Domack is the Director of LARISSA (LARsen Ice Shelf System, Antarctica), a National Science Foundation funded initiative that brings an international, interdisciplinary team together to address the global climate implications of the abrupt environmental change in Antarctica's Larsen Ice Shelf System. LARISSA International Partners include Belgium, Argentina, the Ukraine, and Korea.

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