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The Florida COOS Consortium consists of a number of organizations with an interest in the marine environment. By applying local expertise, cutting-edge research, and high-tech instruments we provide information and develop solutions to help decision-makers, citizens, and visitors to better protect, manage, and use our beautiful surrounding coastal ocean environment. The ocean touches the lives of every Floridian and Florida COOS is here to help monitor, understand, forecast and preserve this precious resource.

Developing Status of the Horizon Oil Spill: Members of the Florida COOS Consortium are monitoring the spread of oil in the Gulf together with the prevailing atmospheric and ocean weather conditions, including the Loop Current. Please click on the following links for details:

  • Mote Response to Horizon Oil Spill
  • ROFFS Oceanographic Analysis Oil Update
  • Satellite Images from CSTARS at the University of Miami
  • Horizon Oil Spill Tracking and Prediction at USF
  • Oil Spill Information from University of South Florida
  • Other Oil Spill Links of Interest:

  • The Gulf Loop Current
  • Oil Spill Academic Task Force
  • Florida Gulf Response

    For more information about FLCOOS, click on About Us.

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