This page consists of links to photos from the 2000 Oceanography Camp. Each page contains a brief description of the photo, identifiying the year, the people in the photo, and the activity in which they are engaged.

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The First Day

00_day1_1.jpg Classroom meeting of all the campers to discuss camp activities, rules and the many ways of having fun in the water.

00_day1_2.jpg Dominique F. at the chalkboard contributing to the name crossword puzzle used as a first day icebreaker.

00_day1_3.jpg Counselor Linae B. distributes the "What I know about oceanography" pre-test to the campers.

00_day1_4.jpg Katy. B and Sarah S. pose for the camera during a classroom break.

00_day1_7.jpg The campers sit around in a close circle with counselor Angie L. to discuss some teen issues they may face during and after camp.

00_day1_8.jpg Discussing issues such as the transition to high school, peer pressure and building new freindships, campers Toni P., Megan G., Bess S., Danielle S., Rebecca Z., Mary R. and Rebecca W. openly chat with each other and counselor Angie L.

00_day1_9.jpg Kat, Katie H., Bess S. Toni P., Escarlin M., Danielle S., Rebecca Z, Krystal Z., Megan G. and Sarah S. get into a group to discuss things that they all have in common to later share with the rest of the campers and counselors.

00_day1_10.jpg Melissa K., Brittany S., Mary R., Tre'Nisha A., Jennifer N. and, Francesca M. get into a group to discuss things that they all have in common to later share with the rest of the campers and counselors.

00_day1_11.jpg Campers separate into 3 groups to discuss some of their common hobbies and likes with their peers.

Day 4 - Research Cruise on the R/V Suncoaster

00_day4_3.jpg Tim, second engineer on the R/V Suncoaster, explains to the counselor and campers the safety rules and emergency procedures of the research vessel.

00_day4_5.jpg Counselors Teresa and Scott and campers Mary R., Francesca M., Aja E., and Heather C. discuss the importance of plankton to both marine life and humans.

00_day4_6.jpg Melissa K. conducts testing for various nutrients in ocean water that include Nitrate, Phosphate and Ammonia.

00_day4_7.jpg Brittany S. and Counselor Scott discuss and prepare to deploy a Secchi disc used to measure the depth of light penetration in ocean waters.

00_day4_9.jpg Tre'Nisha A. and Counselor Scott prepare to deploy the plankton net to collect sampls of plankton

00_day4_10.jpg Heather C. and Aja E. view plankton samples collected from Tampa Bay through a dissecting microscope

00_day4_11.jpg Mary R. holds a plankton sample collected from the ocean in preparation to view under a microscope.

00_day4_12.jpg A couple of dolphins travel for a few minutes with the R/V Suncoaster as it heads towards the second sampling station of the cruise.

00_day4_13.jpg Becky Z., Francesca M., Jenny N. and Tre'Nisha A. reinact a famous titanic scene.

00_day4_14.jpg Tre'Nisha A. and Brittany S. pose for the camera while waiting arrival to station 2.

00_day4_15.jpg Counselor Scott works with Mary R., Becky Z. and Melissa K. to measure the depth of light penetration with a Secchi disc.

00_day4_16.jpg Mary R. and Melissa K. use team work to retrieve the Secchi disc.

00_day4_18.jpg Counselor Teresa G. and campers Jenny N. and Katie H. retrieve samples of surface ocean water.

00_day4_19.jpg Eric of the CMS Ocean Technology Group explains to Melissa K. and other campers about how his group's nutrient data compare to data collected by the campers using different instruments.

00_day4_21.jpg Tre'Nisha A., Francesca M. and Mary R. pose for the camera

00_day4_22.jpg Tre'Nisha A., Mary R., counselor Gina D. and Francesca M. give their best smiles for the camera.

00_day4_23.jpg Counselor Scott, Brittany S. and Jenny N. discuss the meaning of the plankton, nutrient and hydrolab data at the end of the day.

00_day4_24.jpg Counselor Scott talks with Brittany S. and Jenny N. about the days events.

00_day4_26.jpg Katie H., Jenny N. and Brittany S. give a group pose for the camera.

00_day4_27.jpg Melissa K., Katie H., Jenny N., Brittany S., Tre'Nisha A., Francesca M. and Mary R. all pose for the camera after a long day of research on the R/V Suncoaster.

00_day4_28.jpg Melissa K., Katie H., Jenny N., Brittany S., Tre'Nisha A., Francesca M. and Mary R. show their silly sides.

00_day4_29.jpg Counselor Gina takes a quick pose for the camera

00_day4_30.jpg Counselor Linae takes a quick break as the R/V Suncoaster heads back to USF.

00_day4_31.jpg Jenny N. and Katie H. have fun crushing cans to be recycled.

00_day4_32.jpg Heather C. steers the R/V Suncoaster towards USF.

00_day4_33.jpg Becky Z. hangs out in the captain's deck and strikes a pose for the camera.

00_day4_34.jpg Aja E. is in the captain's seat of the R/V Suncoaster.

00_day4_35.jpg Tre'Nisha A., Mary R. and Heather C. find the energy to unload research equipment from the R/V Suncoaster.

00_day4_36.jpg Brittay S. and Sarah S. pose for the camera with big smiles at the end very long day out in the field full of fun!!!

In the Classroom

After gathering data in the field at Ft. Desoto, Shell Key and on the Research Cruise in Tampa Bay, the campers return to the classroom to compile and discuss the meaning of thier findings.

00_day5_1.jpg Katie B. and Shannon S. pose for the camera while Sarah S. and Shannon G. continue to work on compiling field research data.

00_day5_2.jpg Counselors Mark B. and Chris S. assist Sarah C., Escarlin M., Sarah F., Megan G., Danielle S., Kat K. and Toni P. in their collaboration to understand the meaning of thier field data.

00_day5_4.jpg Becky Z., Francesca M., Mary R., Melissa K., Brittany S. and Tre'Nisha A., work together to consolidate their field data.

00_day5_6.jpg Sarah C. and Brittany S. break for a minute to pose for the camera.

00_day5_7.jpg Counselor Nan S. demonstrates to the campers how to use bar graphs to represent data in uniform, concise manner. Campers begin to make their own graphs of the field data.

00_day5_8.jpg Tre'Nisha A. stands to tell the class how to convert degrees Celsius to degrees Fahrenheit, a conversion that the campers realize is important to a scientist.

00_day5_9.jpg Counselor Scott B. uses a dry-erase board to give a visual representation of Celsius and Fahrenheit temperature scales and the formula used to make the conversion.

Lab Sessions

Fish Ecology Lab: Taught by Teresa G.

00_day6_1.jpg Rebecca W. poses with a tiny shark in the Fish Ecology Lab.

00_day6_2.jpg Shannon G. holds up a fish specimen.

00_day6_3.jpg Shannon S. poses with a fish specimen.

00_day6_5.jpg Krystal Z. measures the width of a juvenile sting ray.

00_day6_6.jpg Counselor Teresa G. and Rebecca W. prepare fun fish molds.

00_day7_lab_8.jpg Fish Ecology Lab specimens: Spotted moray eel, Atlantic sting ray and a Bull shark.

00_day7_lab_10.jpg Fish Ecology Lab specimens: Frog fish, tuna fish, burr fish, reddrum, toad fish.

00_day7_lab_11.jpg Fish Ecology Lab specimens: Female black seabass, burr fish, grouper.

00_labs_13.jpg Counselor Teresa G. and Sarah Beth F. (while covering her nose) work as a team to explore the inside of a fish specimen.

00_labs_12.jpg Tre' Nisha A., Counselor Teresa G., Sarah Beth F., Sarah S. and Counselor Mark B. work on dissecting fish specimens in the Fish Ecology Lab.

00_labs_17.jpg Counselor Mark B. and Sarah S. explore the internal organs of a fish specimen in teh Fish Ecology Lab.

00_labs_4.jpg Tre'Nisha A., Brittany S., Sarah S., Sara Beth F. and Counselor Teresa G. examining their fish specimens.

Ocean Optics Lab: Taught by Jen P., Dan O., and Dave E.

00_day6_9.jpg Graduate Student Jen P. of the Ocean optics lab explains the importance of light transmittance through different types of lenses as Kat K., Christine H., and Escarlin M. look on.

00_day7_lab_14.jpg Toni P. uses a portable spectrophotometer to measure light reflection from water.

00_day7_lab_15.jpg Toni P. measures light reflection.

00_day7_lab_16.jpg Katie H. uses the gray card to standardize the spectrophotomer.

00_day7_lab17.jpg Kat K. measuring light reflection off the water.

00_day7_lab_18.jpg Graduate Student Jen P. demonstrates to Kat K. how to use the spectrophotometer.

00_day7_lab_6.jpg Kat K. and Toni P. use a water filtration system to filter sample water in the Ocean Optics lab.

00_labs_18.jpg Graduate student Jen P. explains to Jenny N., Becky Z. and Dominique F. how to filter sample water to collected concentrated amounts of phytoplankton.

00_labs_19.jpg Beck Z. and Jenny N. filter water samples collected from Bayboro Harboro as a part of the Ocean Optics Lab.

00_labs_20.jpg Dominique F. filters water samples.

00_labs_21.jpg Jenny N. uses a graduated cylinder to measure water samples while Becky Z. and Dominique F. look on.

Marine Mammals Lab: Taught by Brooke P., Jen J., and Linae B.

00_day6_13.jpg Mary R., Katy B, Aja E., Heather C., Becky Z., Dominique F., Sarah S., Francesca M., Sarah C., and Sarah F., assemble dolphin bones to get a visual of the animal at the skeletal level in the Manatee Research Lab.

00_day6_14.jpg Mary R. and Sarah S. gather conical dolphin teeth to contribute to the skeletal assembly of the dolphin.

00_day6_16.jpg Jen J. explains the role of the cervical vertebrae in a dolphins skeletal structure to Sara Beth F. and Sarah C.

00_labs_8.jpg Danielle S., Counselor Brooke P., alumni camper Dottie, Christine S., Chelsea W. and Kat K. work together to assemble a dolphin skeleton in the Marine Mammals Lab.

00_labs_11.jpg Danielle S., Megan G., Toni P. and Kat K. assemble the skeleton of a dolphin.

Phytoplankton Lab: Taught by Brad P. and LeAnne F.

00_day6_18.jpg Brittany S. tries to find phytoplankton under the microscope with the help Leanne F.

00_day6_19.jpg Megan G. uses a plankton net to collect plankton samples from Tampa Bay for the phytoplankton ecology lab.

00_day6_20.jpg Christine S. poses for the camera along the side of Tampa Bay.

Marine Pathogens in Paradise Lab: Taught by Molly M. and Jen J.

00_day7_lab_1.jpg Malia G. counting bacteria in the "Marine Pathogens in Paradise" lab.

00_day7_lab_4.jpg Melissa K. standing with a manifold.

00_day7_lab_5.jpg Bess S., Melissa K., Christine S. and Rachel F. pose with some of the lab equipment.

Fluorometry and Lasers Lab: Taught by Antoya A. and Jen B.

00_labs_16.jpg Graduate student Antoya A. and campers Serena G., Francesca M., Counselor Gina D. and Chrissy H. discuss the importance of studying the qualities of light, particularly fluorescence.

00_labs_22.jpg Christine H. and Francesca M. pay attention while Graduate student Jen B. explains the inner workings of a fluorescence spectrophotometer.

00_labs_23.jpg Graduate student Antoya S. explain to Christine H., Francesca M., and Serena G. how the process of excitation works.

00_labs_27.jpg Counselor Gina D., Serena G., Francesca M. and Christine H. make a silly pose for the camera in the Florometry and Laser Lab.

00_labs_28.jpg After exploring the inner workings of the spectrophotometer, Francesca M. and Christine H. work together to reassemble the machine.

00_labs_32.jpg Francesca M. and Christine H. work together to reassemble the spectrophotometer.

00_labs_33.jpg Francesca M. and Christine H. pose wearing protective goggles used in the laser lab.

00_labs_34.jpg Christine H. and Francesca M. use a series of mirrors to direct a laser beam towards a target.

00_labs_37.jpg Serena G. uses liquid Nitrogen to try to see the path of the laser as it is reflected from mirror to another.

00_labs_39.jpg Graduate student Jen B. pours liquid Nitrogen in the path of the laser to make it visibile to the naked eye.

XC 00_labs_41.jpg Francesca M. tries to catch liquid Nitrogen as it scatters across the lab bench.

The Sands of Caladesi: Beach Profiling Lab: Taught by Brett J. and Lisa M.

00_labs_1.jpg Graduate students Lisa and Brett help campers Heather C. and Sarah C. compile beach profile data.

00_labs_2.jpg Mary R. and Sarah C. working on compiling their beach profiling data.

00_labs_3.jpg Aja E. looking at beach sediments under the microscope.

Concepts in Oceanography

00_day7_lab_13.jpg Counselors Nan S. and Heidi C. discuss characteristics of sand and sediment in a Geological Concepts discussion with the campers.

00_I_chemcon_1.jpg Camper Danielle S. exploring chemical oceanography.

00_I_chemcon_2.jpg Counselor Linae B. leading the discussion of chemical oceanography.

00_I_chemcon_3.jpg Camper Dominique F. mixing chemical together in a plastic cup.

00_I_chemcon_4.jpg Camper Krystal K. asking a question during the discussion of chemical oceanography.

00_I_chemcon_5.jpg Camper Donimique F. answering a question during the discussion of chemical oceanography.

00_I_physcon_1.jpg Counselor Nan S. explaining about hurricanes, tornadoes and thunderstorms during the physical oceanography discussion.

00_I_physcon_2.jpg The somewhat tired audience of campers during the physical oceanography discussion.

00_I_physcon_3.jpg Counselor Jay L. leading the discussion about physical oceanography (and wondering if Katy B. has left him any popcorn!).

Coral Reef Cake

00_coralreef_44.jpg Professor Pam M., assisted by Campers Aja E. and Katie H., begin to construct the coral reef cake.

00_coralreef_47.jpg Camper Katie H. spreading icing on the coral reef cake.

00_coralreef_49.jpg Professor Pam M. adding more and more coral reef organisms to the cake with Katie H. and Aja E. helping.

00_coralreef_50.jpg The coral reef gets more complicated with each additional topping.

00_coralreef_56.jpg The finished coral reef cake, with all its biological and structural diversity creating an incredible ecosystem -- and a really yummy cake.

00_coralreef_57.jpg Camper Kat K. summarizing the different components of the cake on the blackboard.

00_coralreef_58.jpg Campers Katie H. and Aja E. show off the finished cake -- shortly before it is devoured.

Caladesi Island Fieldtrip Wrap-up

00_calwrapup_64.jpg Counselor Heidi C. helping Camper Rachel F. to graph her beach profile.

00_calwrapup_66.jpg Counselor Chris S. working with Camper Francesca M. on the Caladesi beach profile.

00_calwrapup_67.jpg Camper Sarah C. takes a break from graphing.

00_calwrapup_68.jpg Camper Jenny N. is well on her way to completing her beach profile graph.

00_calwrapup_69.jpg Camper Escarlin M. hard at work on her beach profile.


00_day1_5.jpg Lunchtime pool break of a fun game of water volleyball

00_day1_6.jpg The girls are beating the mid-day heat with a little fun at a game of water volleyball.

00_day5_11.jpg Sarah C. enjoys her lunch break and cools off by jumping in the pool in all of her clothes.

00_day5_14.jpg Kat K. shows off her diving skills during a poolside lunch break.

00_day7_lunch_20.jpg In between the lab sessions, the campers and counselors take relaxed lunch break.

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