Photos From the Winter Reunion 2001 The girls started the morning in the Pinellas Piont area of south St. Petersburg, FL, where they planned to mark the storm drains.

Group photo at Pinellas Point.

Counselor Angie L. with group of girls, all listening to Peter C.

Peter C. demonstrates the technique for securing plaques.

Becky W. and Becky Z. with a finished plaque.

Toni P. gluing down a plaque.

Chelsea W. with glue gun.

After all of the plaques were glued, the girls went a few miles north to Boyd Hill Nature Park for lunch and a nature walk.

Group lunch photo:(left to right) Francesca, Christine, Jennie N., Escarlin, Becky S., Megan G., Becky Z., and Mary R.

Teresa and Hester at lunch.

The nature walk began with a demonstration of local birds. This is the pygmy owl.

Pygmy owl demonstration.

Chelsea W. with others in the foliage. Boyd Hill Nature Park consists of walking and biking trails and boardwalks located in and along the southwestern side of Lake Maggiore.

Group photo with Hermann on boardwalk.

The girls finished their day back at the University of South Florida's Bayboro Campus in St. Petersburg. There they spent time relaxing and catching up on what's been going on with their friends since attending camp.

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