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The girls of the sediment lab pose on top of the world!
Angie and gang pose at COT!
Help! We are trapped in the frieght elevator after getting caught taking the elevator instead of the stairs!
Trash pickup is triumphant!!
No coral reef is safe when it is made of cake!
Angie sings for the campers!
I know! I know! Everyone says!
Girls playing Turtle Hurtle!
Nohe plays the dolphin training game!
Teresa addresses the girls on important oceanographic information!
Dave works with campers in his ocean color's lab!
Kendra and Paul keep warm after getting soaked!
Evelyn and Tiffany play pattycake!
Amanda, Annie, Abby an Bryce display their ocean color's chart!
Kim and Mareeka dress up!
Jessica belts out a heartfelt solo!
Sam tap dances for the amusemant of all!
Autumn hula dances the days away!
Annie and Abby seranade the group!
All of the talented participants of the 2001 OCG Talent Show!
Authorities pose for a picture!
Kendra naps on the lobby art!
Julie and friends survive countless bus rides!
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