1996 Camp Reunion On Saturday March 22, 1997, we held a reunion for the 1996 Oceanography Camps. In the morning, we volunteered at a salt grass planting at Cockroach Bay in southern Hillsborough County. Cockroach Bay is a large estuary on the eastern side of Tampa Bay and it is a critical area for restoration and preservation. Most of the restoration involves reclaiming land in the uppermost tidal areas in the bay's drainage. The land is cleared of nonnative vegetation, resculpted to mimic drainage patterns based on historical photographs, and then replanted with salt marsh plants.

Campers from all years helped out at the salt marsh planting, which was quite a lot of fun. After the planting, we all gathered for a barbeque lunch provided by Tampa Baywatch.

After lunch, the 1996 campers returned to the College of Marine Science for a reunion. In the early afternoon, we broke into small groups to discuss our impressions of high school, life in general, and what we liked or didn't like about school. Later we spent about an hour visiting the Oceanography Camp homepage on the World Wide Web.

In the late afternoon we had a lot of fun outside playing volleyball, badminton, and croquet. The (unfortunate) highlight of the afternoon was Teresa's heroic rescue of the volleyball, which went flying towards the water. The ball remained dry but Teresa fell in and had to be rescued off the seawall.

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