Photos from the Spring 2000 Reunion

2000spr_reun_4.jpg What the area looked like before we started planting.

2000spr_reun_2.jpg Everyone hard at work planting saltmarsh grasses.

2000spr_reun_8.jpg What the area looked like after we had planted it.

2000spr_reun_10.jpg Some areas were harder to plant than others ... but the mud made it more fun.

2000spr_reun_19.jpg Tampa Baywatch's Peter C. showed us how to REALLY get stuck in the mud!

2000spr_reun_17.jpg Other obstacles to planting included some water crossings (Marielos B. 99, Nyiesha H. 99, Nichole C. 99, and Ann C. 99).

2000spr_reun_3.jpg Group photo of everyone at the Spring Reunion.

2000spr_reun_5.jpg Lisa M., Nichole C. 99 and Debbie P. 99.

2000spr_reun_6.jpg Brittany S. 98I.

2000spr_reun_9.jpg Jessica M. 98II.

2000spr_reun_11.jpg Regina G. 98II.

2000spr_reun_1.jpg Christie D. 99.

2000spr_reun_7.jpg Melissa K. 98I and Teresa G.

2000spr_reun_13.jpg Tampa Baywatch's Sari S.

2000spr_reun_15.jpg Teresa G.

2000spr_reun_14.jpg Linae B.

2000spr_reun_18.jpg Jen J. and Lauren W.

2000spr_reun_12.jpg Chris S.

2000spr_reun_16.jpg Nan S.

Here are some photos of the planting site that were taken in October 2000, about 6 months after the reunion.

2000spr_reun_20.jpg Some Spartina saltmarsh grass filling in an area close to the water at our first planting site.

2000spr_reun_21.jpg The area close to the waterway is really starting to fill in.

2000spr_reun_23.jpg Another view of the same area that shows how some of the areas farther from the waterway are filling in.

2000spr_reun_24.jpg Close up of an area near the water's edge that shows several different types of saltmarsh grasses.

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