The 1995 contingent: Chris S., Michele A., and Shana S.

The 1996 contingent: Brandi M., Alysia M., and Sara R.

The 1997 contingent: Alea J., Kristina L., Latisha S., Missy E., Leah T., and Jessica M.

Some of the 1998 contingent, going from back to front by rows and from left to right: Jamie K., Mianca B., Jamie T. or M., Crystal A., Hester H., Sian T., Kim R., Kendra O., Tiffany C., Erin M., Brittany S., Miranda E., Wei Ting L., Jamie F., Arielle K., Casey S., and Corinne D.

Robyn C. and Crystal A. getting a good start!

Jen J. and Chris S. make canoeing look easy!

Whose going the right way? Joey B. and Angela C. or Jessica M. and Leah T.?

Jamie K., Jamie T. or M., Jason L., ?, Sian T., and Steve G. taking a break.

Angela C., Joey B., Jessica M., Leah T., Tonya M., Alea J., Rani P., Johnny D., and Scott B. rafting up.

Kim R., Jamie F., Ashleigh S., and Jessica M. helping carry a canoe to the trailer.

Jamie K., Sian T., and Tiffany C. helping put one of the canoes on the trailer.

Wei Ting L., Ashleigh S., Judy F., and Kendra O. hanging out after paddling.

Brandi M., Sara R., Alysia M., Shana S., and Michele A. taking a break.

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