"Being present at the Science Conference made me feel important because the room was full of scientists and advocates." - Mika

"I am glad I had the chance to participate in the camp and the chance to sponsor the camp in public events like the conference." - Charis

"It was cool. First we were able to miss school and attend the science conference where we learned about Junk Science. We had alot of of time to have fun, eat, and buy stuff also. I learned alot." - Alaina

"It was fun to go to the conference because I got to see my friends again, and even make some new ones." - Katie B

"I am proud to have been part of the Oceanography Camp for girls and the Focus on Youth Conference. It was informative and fun." - Patti

"It was fun because I got to miss school and ask some people really hard questions that they had to answer. Plus I got to go shopping and eat at Planet Hollywood, where the waiter was really cute!' - Tanya

"I had a really great time. It was alot of fun. It was cool how we supported Jen when she was talking because she was so nervous. We tried to eat at Planet Hollywood but ended up staring at the waiter (he was cute). The conference was cool because I've never been to anything like that. It was fun to watch Kelly debate with the chic and the dude (on the panel)." - Nicole

"I had a good time and enjoyed sitting in and voicing my opinion in an adult-like manner. I hope to attend another event just like this one." - Dottie

"I really liked coming to this conference. It was alot of fun. I got to see all my old friends and I got to meet some new ones. I also liked going to Disney. I hope we can do things like this again." - Mary H

"Our trip to the conference on Focus on Youth was very informative. It was interesting to hear different views on advertisements and junk science. I didn't agree with many of their views and from the comments other campers and adults made to me, they agree. Overall I thought it was educational and fun." - Kelly K

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