The following is a list of campers who participated in the 1995 Oceanography Camp I:

Francisca A
Michelle A
Chenyl A
Morgan B
Jodi B
Julie B
Ashley D
Ericka E
Christy F
Jennifer G
Rosie H
Kathryn H
Rachel H
Monica H
Thuy H
Korry I
Robyn L
Rachel M
Aimee M
Tham N
Selina R
Kelly S
Kristen S
Carrie S
Laura T
Lisa T
Christy V
Teresa V
Brook V
Allie Y
The following campers participated in Oceanography Camp II:

Amy A
Brenda C
Amy C
Katie D
Candice G
Karrie G
Trisha H
Kellie H
Stephanie L
Kira M
Alisa M
Tonya M
Heather P
Giovanna P
Erika P
Justine R
Melissa S
Amber S
Shana S
Jessica T
Lindsey T
Jodi T
Tera T
Kyle W
Crystal W

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