This page consists of links to scanned photos from the 1997 Oceanography Camp. Each page contains a brief description of the photo, identifiying the year, the people in the photo, and the activity in which they are engaged.

In some instances, we have not been able to identify all of the people in the photos or what year the photos were taken. If you recognize anyone and can provide us with a better caption for any of these photos, please email Teresa Greely at Thanks!

Research Cruise

file name:97camp13.jpeg Teresa with a group of campers, talking about filefish.

file name:97camp14.jpeg Helena and Jessica W. identifying and measuring an orange file fish.

file name:97camp15.jpeg Group photo of campers and staff from the upper deck of the R/V Suncoaster.

file name:97camp16.jpeg Campers watching as net is pulled on board after a trawl.

file name:97camp17.jpeg Teresa, a teacher, Leah and Jessica pull in net after a trawl.

file name:97camp18.jpeg Campers Leah, Jen and Breanna and teacher help connect cables for sampling equipment.

file name:97camp19.jpeg Rani P. and Jessica W. rinsing down a plankton net after towing.

file name:97camp20.jpeg Dottie, Mary, Christin, and Alaina rinsing sample through sieve in order to sort sample by size fraction.

file name:97camp44.jpeg Teresa and another counselor surprising campers with a "splash"!

Shell Key Fieldtrip

file name:97camp30.jpegGroup of campers on beach receiving instruction from Nan.

file name:97camp33.jpegGroup photo of campers on boat trip to Shell Key.

file name:97camp46.jpegGroup of campers hanging out on the dock waiting for boat to Shell Key.

file name:97camp47.jpegCampers "hula-hooping" it up!

file name:97camp48.jpegCamp counselor Eric S. in his kayak at Shell Key.

file name:97camp49.jpegMangroves along shoreline at Shell Key.

Florida Aquarium and Sea World Fieldtrips

file name:97camp27.jpegGroup shot at the Florida Aquarium.

file name:97camp35.jpegBreanna, Jen, Leah, Rani, and Jess M. posing under a Manta Ray at Fl. Aquarium.

file name:97camp2.jpegMissy at Florida Aquarium with her head in a "bubble."

file name:97camp39.jpegCampers checking out the exhibits in the learning center at the Florida Aquarium.

file name:97camp41.jpegJess fooling around the playground at the Florida Aquarium.

file name:97camp38.jpegCampers having lunch during trip to SeaWorld.

file name:97camp40.jpegDottie, Missy, Alex, Jen, and Alaina anxiously waiting to enter Sea World.

file name:97camp42.jpegCampers playing with dolphins at the Dolphin Encounter at Sea World.

file name:97camp43.jpegMimi and Jessica M. hugging a Sea World "life guard".

file name:97camp5.jpegRani, Jenny, Angie, Sarah, Robyn, and Mary at Sea World.

file name:97camp45.jpegRani, Jen, Angie, and Mary at Dolphin Encounter at Sea World.

In the Lab and at Work

file name:97camp28.jpegRobyn and Jen's Fluorescence Lab with campers Rani P., Alea J. and Carin posing for the camera.

file name:97camp31.jpegMary, Mimi, Darcy and ? experimenting with the wave tank.

file name:97camp36.jpegDottie in mystery lab.

file name:97camp37.jpegGroup in Pam's zooplankton lab.

file name:97camp26.jpegCampers Rani P. and Jessica W. working on journals.

file name:97camp32.jpegClassroom scene of campers working on presentations.

Just Fun

file name:97camp34.jpegCamper taking a dive into the pool during lunch at USF.

file name:97camp3.jpegMissy, Dottie, and Pat doing the "dance of 1000 crabs."

file name:97camp4.jpegJen, Dottie, and Missy waiting in front of the KORC building for something to do on the last day of camp

file name:97camp6.jpegWaiting for the van to go on a fieldtrip.

file name:97camp9.jpgUnderwater campers


In 1997, the campers created their own web pages to describe their lab experiences.

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