This page consists of links to photos from the First Session (June 29-July 17) of the 1998 Oceanography Camp. Each page contains a brief description of the photo, identifiying the year, the people in the photo, and the activity in which they are engaged.

This page is still under construction.


file name: intro2.jpg Janie M. being distracted by the photographer

file name: intro3.jpg Alexia surprised by the camera.

file name: intro4.jpg Finishing up paperwork.

file name: intro6.jpg Hester, Sam, and Valerie working together on their papers.

file name: intro8.jpg Everyone working hard on their pretests.

COT Tours

file name: COT_tour_1.jpg Everyone listening about the exciting jobs with these machines.

In the Computer Lab

file name: computer_room_1.jpg Gretchen, Stacy, Kelly, Tiffany, Crystal and more working on the computers.

Having Fun

file name: lounge_1.jpg Jamie, Samantha, Megan, Erin and Gretchen playing foozball.

file name: julia_1.jpg Julia recovering from a sprained ankle. Get well soon!.

Wax Modeling Demonstration

file name: wax_modeling_1.jpg Dr. David Naar explaines plate tectonics through a wax model to the campers.

file name: wax_modeling_2.jpg Campers looking at a continental drift map.

file name: wax_modeling_4.jpg Campers watching the demonstration of plate tectonics by wax modeling.

file name: wax_modeling_5.jpg Chris and Sian watch as the wax seperates, showing how plates work.

file name: wax_modeling_6.jpg Campers listen and watch as Marc Byrne explains plate tectonics.

file name: wax_modeling_7.jpg Wax demonstration model.

Tee Shirt Designs

file name: tee_shirts_1.jpg Kelly, Jen and Megan painting a fish to put on a shirt.

file name: tee_shirts_2.jpg Julia painting a fish.

file name: tee_shirts_3.jpg Gretchen putting finishing touches on her shirt.

file name: tee_shirts_4.jpg Gretchen's shirt all finished.

file name: tee_shirts_5.jpg Crystal and Lauren being artists.

file name: tee_shirts_6.jpg Groups of fish artists.

file name: tee_shirts_7.jpg Kelly, Jen and Chris getting icky with fish.

file name: tee_shirts_8.jpg Megan and Samantha smiling their best smiles.

file name: tee_shirts_9.jpg Unexpected picture of Nolie cleaning up.

file name: tee_shirts_10.jpg Alexis showing her shirt.

file name: tee_shirts_11.jpg Alexis, Stacy, Crystal, and Julia after painting their shirts.

Caladesi Island Fieldtrip Wrapup

file name: cal_wu_1.jpg Brett showing Cassie and Anne Michelle how to plot the beach profile.

file name: cal_wu_2.jpg Brett explaining to Cassie how to plot the beach profile.

file name: cal_wu_3.jpg Linda showing Hester what to do.

file name: cal_wu_4.jpg Mianca and Dawn having a bad hair day.

file name: cal_wu_5.jpg Brett and Jim teaching and Nolie listening.

file name: cal_wu_6.jpg Julia asking Jen for help.

file name: cal_wu_7.jpg Samantha and Megan.

file name: cal_wu_8.jpg Brett showing Stacy the parts of the beach.

file name: cal_wu_9.jpg Jyotika asking questions for us to answer about Caladesi Island.


In 1998, during the first camp session (June 29-August 17) several of the lab groups wrote lab web pages.

file name: lab23.jpg Jamie, Samantha, Rachel and Meredith.

file name: lab24.jpg Crystal, Kelly, and Ki.

file name: lab25.jpg Crystal and Kim.

file name: lab26.jpg Crystal, Janie, Kelly, Jen, and Kim.

file name: lab27.jpg Stacey and Jim.

file name: lab28.jpg Stacey and Dawn.

file name: lab29.jpg Stacey and Dawn.

file name: lab30.jpg Darla, Jyotika, Danielle, Brittany, and Miranda.

file name: lab34.jpg Melissa, Cassie and Jessica.

file name: lab35.jpg Dawn, Valerie, Stacey.

file name: lab36.jpg Jen, Apryll, Mianca, Tracey, and Lisa.

file name: lab37.jpg Tiffany.

file name: lab38.jpg Erin.

file name: lab39.jpg Crystal.

file name: lab40.jpg Stacey and Brett.

file name: lab41.jpg Lauren D.

file name: lab42.jpg Andrew.

file name: lab43.jpg Lauren D.

Beach Cleanup at Maximo Park

file name: beach_cu_1.jpg Jessica, Jen, Teresa, and Christina.

file name: beach_cu_2.jpg Lauren D.

file name: beach_cu_3.jpg Erin, Apryll, and Julia.

file name: beach_cu_4.jpg Samantha and Megan.

file name: beach_cu_5.jpg Erin, Apryll, Megan, and ?.

file name: beach_cu_6.jpg Kelly, Danielle, and Julia.

file name: beach_cu_7.jpg Nolie.

file name: beach_cu_8.jpg Tracey.

file name: beach_cu_9.jpg Anne Michelle.

file name: beach_cu_10.jpg Melissa.

file name: beach_cu_11.jpg Anne Michelle, Nolie, Tracey, and Melissa.

file name: beach_cu_12.jpg Jamie, Apryll, Ikeesha, and Erin.

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