This page consists of links to photos from the Second Session (July 20-August 9) of the 1998 Oceanography Camp. Each page contains a brief description of the photo, identifiying the year, the people in the photo, and the activity in which they are engaged.

This page is still under construction.

The First Day

Introductions and Forms to Fill Out

file name: 1998_II_intro_1.jpg Doing the paperwork.

file name: 1998_II_intro_2.jpg Kasey writing up the camp's Goals and Expectations.

file name: 1998_II_intro_3.jpgAshlee E., Heather R., and Jessica lost at the Tavern on the Green during the Orienteering Game.

The Dolphin Training Game

file name: 1998_II_dolphin_1.jpg Ashleigh S. guiding a "dolphin."

file name: 1998_II_dolphin_2.jpg The "dolphin" (Rachelle) finging something to touch.

file name: 1998_II_dolphin_3.jpg Asleigh S. blowing the whistle.

file name: 1998_II_dolphin_4.jpg Amy trying to laugh and blow the whistle at the same time.

file name: 1998_II_dolphin_5.jpg The "dolphin" (Linae) trying to make off with Alanna's shoe.

file name: 1998_II_dolphin_6.jpg The "dolphin" (Linae) tieing Alanna's shoe.

Center For Ocean Technology Tour

file name: 1998_II_cot_1.jpg Carol S. up in front of the camp audience.

file name: 1998_II_cot_2.jpg The campers listening!

file name: 1998_II_cot_3.jpg More interested campers.

file name: 1998_II_cot_4.jpg Carol S. explaing the Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV).

file name: 1998_II_cot_5.jpg Group photo.

file name: 1998_II_cot_6.jpg Another group photo.

Department of Environmental Protection Tours

file name: 1998_II_dep_1.jpg Jennie, Ashleigh S., Autumn, Shannon, Kendra, Amy, Maria, and Jessica posing in front of the DEP sign.

file name: 1998_II_dep_2.jpg Jennie, Ashleigh S., Autumn, Shannon, Kendra, Mary Jane, Amy, Maria, and Jessica posing in front of the DEP sign.

file name: 1998_II_dep_3.jpg Jennie standing next to a copepod at DEP.

Making Tee Shirts

file name: 1998_II_tee_1.jpg Rachelle and her kingfish!

file name: 1998_II_tee_2.jpg Hard at work making tee shirts.

file name: 1998_II_tee_3.jpg Jamie, Kim, Maria, Amy, and Kendra focussing on their shirts.

file name: 1998_II_tee_5.jpg Having fun making tee shirts.

file name: 1998_II_tee_6.jpg Andrea getting her fish ready.

file name: 1998_II_tee_7.jpg Alanna holding up a fish.

Wax Modeling Demonstration

file name: 1998_II_wax_1.jpg Maria, Amy, and Marc B. looking at the wax.

file name: 1998_II_wax_2.jpg Jessica and Maria observing the wax.

file name: 1998_II_wax_3.jpg Marc B., Kendra, Rachelle, Autumn, and Mary Jane watching carefully.

file name: 1998_II_wax_4.jpg Amy's attention is diverted for an instant.

file name: 1998_II_wax_5.jpg Maria, Kendra, Jennie, Shannon, Jason, and Steve watching the wax, which represents the ocean's plates.

file name: 1998_II_wax_6.jpg Autumn, Rachelle, and Ashleigh S. paying very close attention.

file name: 1998_II_wax_7.jpg Mary Jane, Jason, Linda, and Steve watching as Shannon cuts the wax.

file name: 1998_II_wax_8.jpg Asheligh S. cutting the wax with Marc B.'s assistance.

file name: 1998_II_wax_9.jpg Rachelle, Autumn, Jamie, Linda C. and Steve listening to Marc B.

file name: 1998_II_wax_10.jpg Everybody looking at the map of the oceans.

file name: 1998_II_wax_11.jpg Corine, Cori, and Samantha listening to Marc B. explain about plate tectonics.

file name: 1998_II_wax_12.jpg Holly and Heather R. listening.

file name: 1998_II_wax_13.jpg Everyone listening to Marc B.

file name: 1998_II_wax_14.jpg Watching a movie about plate tectonics.

file name: 1998_II_wax_15.jpg Marc B. explaining to the campers how the wax model works.

file name: 1998_II_wax_16.jpg Heather R. working the wax model controls.

file name: 1998_II_wax_17.jpg Marc B. pointing out a plate boundary to the campers.

Fun and other photos

In the Lounge

file name: 1998_II_misc_4.jpg Almost everyone and Linda C. playing pool.

file name: 1998_II_misc_7.jpg Wei-Ting and Judy plaing fooseball.

file name: 1998_II_misc_8.jpg Asheligh H., Holly, and Kasey playing pool.

file name: 1998_II_misc_9.jpg Andrea, Alanna, and Kristen lounging.

file name: 1998_II_misc_10.jpg Andrea, Alanna, Kristen doing more lounging.

file name: 1998_II_misc_11.jpg Holly and Regina playing pool.

file name: 1998_II_misc_12.jpg Arielle, Corine, Sam, Cori, and Heather S. playing cards.

file name: 1998_II_misc_13.jpg Heather S., Arielle, Corine, Sam, and Cori playing cards.

file name: 1998_II_misc_14.jpg Most of the campers in the lounge.


file name: 1998_II_misc_5.jpg Linda C. and Mary Jane working on a problem.

file name: 1998_II_chris_1.jpg Chris S. hard at work.

file name: 1998_II_comp_1.jpg Regina working on the computer.

file name: 1998_II_comp_2.jpg Judy working on the computer.

Other Fun Photos

file name: 1998_II_misc_1.jpg Campers hanging out on the steps of the KORC before camp starts.

file name: 1998_II_misc_6.jpg The fish in the pond.

file name: 1998_II_misc_15.jpg Cori and Corine scoring an elevator ride.

file name: 1998_II_misc_16.jpg Cori smiling.

file name: 1998_II_misc_19.jpg Cori, Sam, and Jamie getting some exercise.

file name: 1998_II_linae_1.jpg Linae in the computer room.


Sedimentology Lab

file name: 1998_II_lab_48.jpg Ashleigh S. using 10% HCL on a sediment sample.

file name: 1998_II_lab_49.jpg Rachelle, Maria, Arielle, and Ashleigh S.

file name: 1998_II_lab_50.jpg Arielle and Ashleigh S. using the 10%HCL on a sample.

file name: 1998_II_lab_51.jpg Maria and Rachelle working on the microscope.

file name: 1998_II_lab_52.jpg Arielle weighing a sample.

Physical Oceanography Lab

file name: 1998_II_lab_53.jpg Kristen, Andrea and Jyotika crunching numbers..

file name: 1998_II_lab_54.jpg Kim and Holly having fun playing with a slinky.

file name: 1998_II_lab_70.jpg Holly and Jyotika having fun cutting it up.

file name: 1998_II_lab_71.jpg A little heavy? Kristen, Holly and Andrea weight lifting.

file name: 1998_II_lab_72.jpg Hello there! Andrea looks into an instrument tube.

file name: 1998_II_lab_74.jpg Kim and Kristen build their own aquarium.

Optics/Ocean Color Lab

First Lab Session

file name: 1998_II_lab_7.jpg Autumn, Angela, Heather S., and Wei-Ting.

file name: 1998_II_lab_8.jpg Kim and Autumn looking at samples.

file name: 1998_II_lab_40.jpg Wei-Ting, Heather S., Kim and Angela laughing.

file name: 1998_II_lab_41.jpg Autumn and Heather S. working with chemicals.

file name: 1998_II_lab_42.jpg Wei-Ting observing.

file name: 1998_II_lab_43.jpg Kim using chemicals.

file name: 1998_II_lab_47.jpg Heather S. smiling.

Second Lab Session

file name: 1998_II_lab_57.jpg Tara, Corine D., Angela, Amy, Jamie, and Lisa Y. chilling with cool glasses.

file name: 1998_II_lab_58.jpg Jason hogging all the chips.

file name: 1998_II_lab_73.jpg Angela, Corinne, Jamie, Tara, and Amy chewing on the Twizlers.

Red Tide Lab

First Lab Session

file name: 1998_II_lab_1.jpg Holly and Heather listen as Rachel explains Red Tides.

file name: 1998_II_lab_9.jpg Amy paying attention to Rachel.

file name: 1998_II_misc_2.jpg Heather dancing in the street.

file name: 1998_II_misc_3.jpg Holly, Brad and Rachel walking across the street

Second Lab Session

file name: 1998_II_lab_66.jpg Kendra, Cori, and Ashlee hanging around with the plankton nets.

file name: 1998_II_lab_67.jpg Brad, Lizz, Kendra, Ashlee and Cori lower a plankton net over the seawall.

file name: 1998_II_lab_68.jpg Cori taking a plankton net out of the water.

file name: 1998_II_lab_69.jpg Ashlee holding a plankton net.

Aquarium/Fish Maintenance Lab

file name: 1998_II_lab_16.jpg Suzanne.

file name: 1998_II_lab_17.jpg Corine, Dristen, Alanna, and Fammie in front of a tank.

file name: 1998_II_lab_18.jpg Suzanne showing campers water testing chemicals.

file name: 1998_II_lab_19.jpg Kristen and Alanna working.

file name: 1998_II_lab_20.jpg Jamie reading instructions.

file name: 1998_II_lab_21.jpg Corine smiling for the camera.

Jurassic Park! PCR-DNA Microbes in Water

First Lab Session

file name: 1998_II_lab_10.jpg Dale, Maria, Tara, and Cori posing for the camera.

file name: 1998_II_lab_11.jpg Maria, Tara, and Cori getting ready to work in the lab.

file name: 1998_II_lab_25.jpg Tara observing her petri dish.

file name: 1998_II_lab_26.jpg Tara showing off her petri dish.

file name: 1998_II_lab_27.jpg Cori and her petri dish, with Tara and Maria working in the background.

file name: 1998_II_lab_28.jpg Maria with yet another petri dish.

Second Lab Session

file name: 1998_II_lab_59.jpg Shannon, Autumn, and Erin cloning DNA.

file name: 1998_II_lab_60.jpg Autumn and Erin working in the lab.

file name: 1998_II_lab_61.jpg Erin, Autumn, Alanna, and Shannon posing for a picture.

Fish Evolution and Adaptations

file name: 1998_II_lab_62.jpg Wei-Ting listening to Kim D.

file name: 1998_II_lab_63.jpg Ashleigh H. using the pipette.

file name: 1998_II_lab_64.jpg Kim D. and Ashleigh H.

file name: 1998_II_lab_65.jpg Jen J., Jessica, Heather R., Ashleigh H., Kim D. and Wei-Ting.


file name: 1998_II_lab_2.jpg Robyn, Jen B., Kasey, Shannon, and Ashleigh H. disassembling the fluorometer to get a look at the insides of the instrument

file name: 1998_II_lab_3.jpg Robyn, Jen B., Kasey, Shannon, and Ashleigh H.

file name: 1998_II_lab_22.jpg Jen B. and Shannon pipetting a seawater sample from a bottle so that it can placed in a cuvet.

file name: 1998_II_lab_23.jpg Jen B., Shannon, and Ashleigh H. pipetting a seawater sample from a bottle so it can be placed in a cuvet.

file name: 1998_II_lab_24.jpg Shannon cleaning a sample cuvet with her lab mates looking on.

file name: 1998_II_lab_32.jpg Fun with light! The lab playing with the laser beam's alignment.

file name: 1998_II_lab_33.jpg Robyn, Jen B., Kasey, Shannon, and Ashleigh H. using liquid nitrogen to locate the laser beam.

file name: 1998_II_lab_34.jpg Asleigh H. working with the laser beam while Robyn and Jen B. observe.

Viruses and Bacteria in the Environment

file name: 1998_II_lab_12.jpg Asleigh S., Judy, Arielle, Sam and Chris K. setting up the lab to count bacteria in a seawater sample.

file name: 1998_II_lab_13.jpg Molly M. and Ashleigh S. preparing to stain slides.

file name: 1998_II_lab_29.jpg Molly M., Asleigh S., Arielle, Sam, and Judy calculating and analizing their data.

file name: 1998_II_lab_45.jpg Ashleigh S., Arielle, Sam, and Judy holding up the plate isolates from their bathroom water sample.

file name: 1998_II_lab_46.jpg Ashleigh S., Arielle, Sam, Molly M., and Judy after a hard morning's work.

CFC lab

file name: 1998_II_lab_14.jpg Rachelle, Regina, Jessica, and Meredith H. use the internet to look for clues in the "CFCs--an Earth Science Detective Story."

file name: 1998_II_lab_15.jpg How big is the ozone hole today? Ashlee E. finds out.

file name: 1998_II_lab_30.jpg Jessica works through the exercises to calculate the age of a seawater sample from the amount of CFCs found in it.

file name: 1998_II_lab_31.jpg Rachelle ponders the link between CFCs in the stratosphere and the health of the ozone layer.

Rocks and Minerals

file name: 1998_II_lab_4.jpg Needs a caption.

file name: 1998_II_lab_5.jpg Needs a caption.

file name: 1998_II_lab_6.jpg Needs a caption.

file name: 1998_II_lab_35.jpg Needs a caption.

file name: 1998_II_lab_36.jpg Needs a caption.

file name: 1998_II_lab_37.jpg Needs a caption.

file name: 1998_II_lab_38.jpg Needs a caption.

file name: 1998_II_lab_39.jpg Needs a caption.

At the Pool

file name: 1998_II_pool_1.jpg Jamie, Tara and Ashlee E. enjoying some ice cream in the shade.

file name: 1998_II_pool_2.jpg Kendra and Jennie laughing so hard they are about to lose their ice cream.

file name: 1998_II_pool_3.jpg Kendra, Jennie, and Jessica keep laughing.

file name: 1998_II_pool_4.jpg Kendra and Jennie making sundays.

file name: 1998_II_misc_17.jpg Tara, Alanna, Regina, Kim, and Kristen.

file name: 1998_II_misc_18.jpg Rachelle and Autumn relaxing.

The Florida Aquarium


file name: 1998_II_aq_1.jpg An unidentified duck.

file name: 1998_II_aq_3.jpg A White Ibis.

file name: 1998_II_aq_4.jpg A very large jewfish, which is a type of grouper.

file name: 1998_II_aq_6.jpg Several bat rays gliding by.

file name: 1998_II_aq_7.jpg A permit.

file name: 1998_II_aq_11.jpg A green moray eel.

file name: 1998_II_aq_12.jpg A porkfish fish.

file name: 1998_II_aq_17.jpg An octopus.

file name: 1998_II_aq_18.jpg A red drum.

file name: 1998_II_aq_19.jpg A roseate spoonbill.

file name: 1998_II_aq_20.jpg Red-bellied turtles.

file name: 1998_II_aq_21.jpg The swamp bunny.

file name: 1998_II_aq_22.jpg Soft-shelled turtle.


file name: 1998_II_aq_2.jpg Teresa G. and Ashleigh H working on the scavenger hunt.

file name: 1998_II_aq_5.jpg Jamie, Rachelle, Julia, Autumn, Andrea, Asleigh H., Shannon, Kristen, and Alanna posing by the jewfish.

file name: 1998_II_aq_8.jpg Alanna, Kristen and Andrea at the touch tank.

file name: 1998_II_aq_9.jpg Kasey and Jason L. (plus the onion ring in Jason's mouth).

file name: 1998_II_aq_10.jpg Sam, Kasey, Heather S., Jennie and Arielle having a snack.

file name: 1998_II_aq_13.jpg Ashleigh S., Kendra, Alanna, and Kristen watching the sharks.

file name: 1998_II_aq_14.jpg Jessica, Asleigh H., Alanna, Kristen, Andrea and Kendra in the shark's mouth.

file name: 1998_II_aq_15.jpg Kristen, Alanna, and Andrea with a bunch of furry friends.

file name: 1998_II_aq_16.jpg Kristen, Alanna, and Andrea.

file name: 1998_II_aq_23.jpg Group photo of campers.

file name: 1998_II_aq_24.jpg Group photo of campers.

file name: 1998_II_aq_25.jpg Group photo of counselors (Rachel M., Robyn C., Jason L., Teresa G., Nan S., and Chris S.)

Chemical Oceanography Demonstration

file name: 1998_II_chem_1.jpg Autumn, Linda C. and Tara learning about chemical oceanography.

file name: 1998_II_chem_2.jpg Jamie and Pam S. preparing for an experiment.

file name: 1998_II_chem_3.jpg Jessica learning about chemical oceanography.

file name: 1998_II_chem_4.jpg Judy and Pam S. preparing for an experiment.

file name: 1998_II_chem_5.jpg Heather and Pam S. working on an experiment.

file name: 1998_II_chem_6.jpg Holly blowing up a balloon for an experiment.

file name: 1998_II_chem_7.jpg Holly and Pam S. working on an experiment.

Coastal Cleanup

file name: 1998_II_ccu_1.jpg Alanna, Kristen, and Andrea cram themselves into the station wagon.

file name: 1998_II_ccu_2.jpg Holly, Ashlee E., and Tara cram themselves into a different station wagon.

file name: 1998_II_ccu_3.jpg Tara and Kim picking up garbage in the mangroves.

file name: 1998_II_ccu_4.jpg Cori picking up garbage in the mangroves.

file name: 1998_II_ccu_5.jpg Kendra filling out the data card ... in the mangroves.

file name: 1998_II_ccu_6.jpg Teresa G., Andrea, and Wei-Ting collecting garbage.

file name: 1998_II_ccu_7.jpg Holly picking up garbage out of the water.

file name: 1998_II_ccu_8.jpg Ashlee E. and Mary Jane filling out their data card.

file name: 1998_II_ccu_9.jpg Looking for garbage.

file name: 1998_II_rachel_1.jpg Rachel M. with her shopping cart full of garbage.

file name: 1998_II_rachel_2.jpg Rachel M. with her shopping cart full of garbage.

file name: 1998_II_ccu_10.jpg Group shot of all the garbage collectors!

file name: 1998_II_ccu_11.jpg (A slightly better) group shot of all the garbage collectors.

Quilting Sewing and Scrunchie Making

file name: 1998_II_sew_1.jpg Anne P., Kasey, Wei-ting and Heather S. working on the sewing machine.

file name: 1998_II_sew_2.jpg Judy and Corrine working on their scrunchies.

file name: 1998_II_sew_3.jpg Jessica, Jennie, Corrine, Judy, Autumn, Kendra, Rachelle and Kim.

file name: 1998_II_sew_4.jpg Tara and Linda K. cutting fabric.

file name: 1998_II_sew_5.jpg Jen B., Jennie, and Jessica at work.

file name: 1998_II_sew_6.jpg Ashleigh S. and Mary Jane cutting fabric.

file name: 1998_II_sew_7.jpg Ashleigh S. sewing.

file name: 1998_II_sew_8.jpg Rachelle sewing (with a smile).

file name: 1998_II_sew_9.jpg Rachel M., Mary Jane, and Ashleigh S. sewing.

file name: 1998_II_sew_10.jpg Tara and Jen B. sewing.

file name: 1998_II_sew_11.jpg Chris S. and Heather S. at work.

file name: 1998_II_sew_12.jpg Kim and Regina with their scrunchies.

file name: 1998_II_sew_13.jpg Kendra and Linda K. sewing.

file name: 1998_II_sew_14.jpg Shannon and Anne P. sewing.

file name: 1998_II_sew_15.jpg Nan S. and Robyn C. sewing.

Sea World

file name: 1998_II_sw_1.JPG Dolphin closeup underwater.

file name: 1998_II_sw_2.JPG Jamie, Kim, Regina, and Linda C.

file name: 1998_II_sw_3.JPG Aurelia aurita, a moon jelly.

file name: 1998_II_sw_4.JPG Two dolphins underwater.

file name: 1998_II_sw_6.JPG Kristen, Alanna, and Regina watching the dolphins.

file name: 1998_II_sw_7.JPG Dolphin closeup.

file name: 1998_II_sw_8.JPG Dolphins at the feeding pool.

file name: 1998_II_sw_9.JPG Dolphins at the feeding pool.

file name: 1998_II_sw_10.JPG Mary Jane, Rachel M., Kasey, Angela S., Maria, Tara, and Jamie.

file name: 1998_II_sw_11.JPG Sharks!

file name: 1998_II_sw_12.JPG Jason L., Jennie, Kendra, Wei-Ting, Ashleigh S., Chris S. and Jen J.

file name: 1998_II_sw_13.JPG Heather R., Andrea, Amy, Ashlee E., and Nolie.

file name: 1998_II_sw_14.JPG Chris S., Corinne, and others eating lunch.

file name: 1998_II_sw_15.JPG Asleigh S., Jason L., Autumn, Regina, Jennie, Judy, Wei-Ting, and Kendra eating lunch.

file name: 1998_II_sw_16.JPG Linda C. out for the count after lunch.

file name: 1998_II_sw_17.JPG Group photo.

file name: 1998_II_sw_18.JPG Campers on the behind-the-scene tour.

file name: 1998_II_sw_19.JPG Linda C. asleep on the bus home.

file name: 1998_II_sw_20.JPG Regina asleep on the bus home.

file name: 1998_II_sw_21.JPG Chris S. asleep on the bus home.

file name: 1998_II_sw_22.JPG Kristen asleep on the bus home.

file name: 1998_II_sw_23.JPG Arielle asleep on the bus home.

file name: 1998_II_sw_24.JPG Teresa G. asleep on the bus home.

Fish Banks Game

file name: 1998_II_fb_1.JPG Wei-Ting, Andrea, Jessica, and Linda C. formulating their company strategy.

file name: 1998_II_fb_2.JPG Corinne, Arielle, and Nolie working on their ad campaign.

file name: 1998_II_fb_3.JPG Asleigh S., Kendra, Judy, Autumn, and Jennie designing their company logo.

file name: 1998_II_fb_4.JPG Jen J., Samantha, and Heather R. taking a break.

file name: 1998_II_fb_5.JPG Jessica bidding on fishing boats with Linda C.'s help.

file name: 1998_II_fb_6.JPG The fishing companies listening to a rival's ad.

file name: 1998_II_fb_7.JPG Jennie, Ashleigh, Kendra, Judy and Autumn try to drum up some business.

file name: 1998_II_fb_8.JPG Shannon, Cori, Kasey, Arielle, and Corinne explaining their company's logo.

file name: 1998_II_fb_9.JPG Heather R., Heather S., Samantha, Amy, and Aslee E. doing the company jingle.

file name: 1998_II_fb_10.JPG Wei-Ting, Jessica, Andrea, and Mary Jane explaining how Barracudas eat the competition.

file name: 1998_II_fb_11.JPG Tara, Kristen, Kim, Alanna, and Jamie showing off their product.

file name: 1998_II_fb_12.JPG Teresa G. auctioning off fishing boats.

file name: 1998_II_fb_13.JPG Teresa G. supervising while Judy, Jessica, and Shannon all try to bargain with Cori over boat sales.

Working on Final Presentations

file name: 1998_II_work_1.jpg Amy, Heather S., and Jen J. working on a poster for the ocean optics lab.

file name: 1998_II_work_2.jpg Jessica and Ashlee E. discussing their poster for the global warming lab.

file name: 1998_II_work_3.jpg Linae helping Judy with her poster.

file name: 1998_II_work_4.jpg Kasey, Robyn C., and Ashleigh H. working on their poster for the fluorometry lab.

file name: 1998_II_work_5.jpg Kim working on her presentation.

file name: 1998_II_work_6.jpg Holly working on her poster.

file name: 1998_II_work_7.jpg Jyotika keeping an eye on things.

file name: 1998_II_work_8.jpg Kendra fixing up Chris S.' hair.

Final Presentation

file name: 1998_II_fp_1.jpg Rachelle, Asleigh S., and Arielle presenting Beach Characterization and Profiling.

file name: 1998_II_fp_2.jpg Kristen, Holly, and Kim presenting Physical Oceanography.

file name: 1998_II_fp_3.jpg Wei-Ting, Jamie, and Heather S. presenting Ocean Optics.

file name: 1998_II_fp_4.jpg Ashleigh H., Kasey, and Shannon presenting Marine Fluorescence.

file name: 1998_II_fp_5.jpg Ashlee E., Rachelle, and Jessica presenting Global Warming.

file name: 1998_II_fp_6.jpg Andrea, Mary Jane, Kendra and Jennie presenting Rocks and Minerals.

file name: 1998_II_fp_7.jpg Corine, Samantha, Jamie, and Mary Jane presenting Aquarium-Fish Maintenance.

file name: 1998_II_fp_8.jpg Kendra, Cori,a nd Ashlee E. presenting Red Tides.

file name: 1998_II_fp_9.jpg Alanna, Autumn, and Tara presenting Microbes in Water.

file name: 1998_II_fp_10.jpg Heather S., Wei-Ting, and Jessica presenting Fish Evolution and Adaptations.

file name: 1998_II_fp_11.jpg Judy, Asleigh S., Arielle, and Samantha presenting Viruses and Bacteria in the Environment.

file name: 1998_II_fp_12.jpg Heather R. and Judy presenting Animal Behavior.

file name: 1998_II_fp_13.jpg Holding up the quilts that were made by the campers.

file name: 1998_II_fp_14.jpg Jessica "graduating" from the camp.

file name: 1998_II_fp_15.jpg Jamie "graduating" from the camp.

file name: 1998_II_fp_16.jpg Ashleigh H. "graduating" from the camp.

file name: 1998_II_fp_17.jpg Amy "graduating" from the camp.

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