?, Kristina, and Jen checking over their data card.

Jessica W., Kara S., ?, and Teresa G. carrying a large piece of trash.

Valerie B., Sam, Lauren P., Candace, Teresa G., and ? getting started in the morning.

Heather S., Kendra O., Asleigh S., Jennie B., and Jessica M. collecting garbage in the mangroves.

Kira M. and her mom. Congrats to Kira, who wins the attendance record for camp reunions!

Latisha S. and her friends catch a ride back in the garbage truck.

Kendra O., Heather S., Jessica M. and Ashleigh S. looking for garbage in the mangroves.

Alannah D., her friend Lori C., Tara T., and Alannah's sister Kara. Why they have shirts on their heads is a good question.

Julia R., Cassie H., Erin M., and Melissa K. picking up cigarette butts.

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