95 camper Kathyrn H. and 96 campers Joey B., Diedra D. (and her friend, Kara), Brandi M., and Jennifer M.

97 campers Darla D., Missy E., and Kristina L.

98 campers, top to bottom, left to right: Hester H., Rachel B., Crystal A., Mianca B., Kasey S.,
Jamie T., Janie M., Megan M., Valerie B., Sian T., Jamie K., Jessica M., Kendra O., Ashleigh S.,
Julia R., and Melissa K.

99 campers, top to bottom, left to right: Liz S., Debbie P., Libby K., Sara V., Nicole C., Samantha H.,
Kristina W., Kelly M., Shannon H., Amber W., Zaharina N., Ann C., Katie E., Jamie W., Ashley H.,
Allison H., Megan H., Holly C., Marielos B., Nyiesha H., and Selena G.

Brandi M. and Jennifer M. collecting garbage at the Cleanup.

Hester H., Rachel B., and Crystal A. with their haul of garbage.

Holly C. and Zaharina N. collecting garbage by the mangroves.

Kasey S., Samantha H., Sara V., Nan Schmidt, Libby K., and Debbie P. taking a break from cleaning up.

Kendra O., Jessica M., Jyotika Virmani, and Ashleigh S. posing with their garbage.

Missy E., Nan Schmidt, and Darla D. at the pool.

Katie E. and Kristina L. catching up at the pool.

Ann C., Nicole C., Megan H., and Allison H. floating together.

Christina C. and Libby K. with big smiles.

Julia R. catching up on things with Teresa Greely.

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