Fall 1999 Reunion On Saturday September 20, 1999, we held a reunion for The Oceanography Camp for Girls. In the morning 48 campers participated in a coastal cleanup sponsored by the Center for Marine Conservation. The cleanup is held in Florida, nationally, and internationally in an attempt to raise public awareness concerning marine trash.

We have been cleaning the same area (along the causeway to Tierra Verde from Isla del Sol) for 6 years in a row. This site is organized by the College of Marine Science's graduate student organization (MSAC) and people from the department, from other departments on campus, the Department of Environmental Protection, the U.S. Geological Survey, Riveria Middle School, and the local community join us. This year, over 100 people participated!

Over 4,000 lbs. of trash were collected by the volunteers. As always at our site, beer bottles and cans and cigarette butts were the most commonly encountered types of trash.

After the cleanup, we headed back to USF for pizza at the pool. It rained a little bit in the afternoon but that did not deter us from spending our time goofing off in the pool and catching up with one another.

Participants at the Fall 1999 reunion were:
Kathyrn H. 95
Joey B. 96
Brandi M. 96
Deidra D. 96
Jennifer M. 96.
Kristina L. 97
Missy E. 97
Darla D. 97
Kara S. 97
Mianca B. 98
Rachel B. 98
Valerie B. 98
Kendra O. 98
Kasey S. 98
Jamie K. 98
Jamie T. 98
Janie M. 98
Ashleigh S. 98
Jessica M. 98
Megan M. 98
Julia R. 98
Sian T. 98
Melissa K. 98
Hester H. 98
Crystal A. 98
Tracy M. 98
Brittany S. 98
Liz Smith 99
Selena G. 99
Sara V. 99
Zaharina N. 99
Jamie W. 99
Katie E. 99
Shannon H. 99
Nyiesha H. 99
Ann C. 99
Kristina W. 99
Kelly M. 99
Debbie P. 99
Megan H. 99
Nicole C. 99
Amber W. 99
Holly C. 99
Libby K. 99
Ashley H. 99
Samantha H. 99
Marielos B. 99
Allison H. 99
Christina C. 99
Teresa Greely
Nan Schmidt
Jyotika Virmani
Jay Law
Heidi Crevison
Scott Burghart

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