This page consists of links to scanned photos from the Oceanography Camp. We don't know what year these photos are from. Each page contains a brief description of the photo, the people in the photo, and the activity in which they are engaged. If you recognize any one in any of the pictures and can help us pin down a year, please let us know! Contact Teresa Greely at Thanks!

Fort De Soto Fieldtrip

file name: camp1.gif Campers running through the water at Fort De Soto.

file name: TGphoto12.gif 4 campers measuring and recording fish size at Fort De Soto.

file name: TGphoto2.gif A bunch of campers looking at a seine sample, with one camper holding up a small fish in center of photo. Fort De Soto.

file name: TGphoto5.gif A bunch of campers crowded around the seine net picking out fish at Fort De Soto.

file name: scan7.jpeg Camper holding up the end of a seine net at Fort De Soto.

file name: scan2.jpeg Three campers measuring fish at Fort De Soto. Nice closeup.

Research Cruise

file name: TGphoto13.gif Tracey Sutton, Teresa and about 10 campers on the bow of the R/V Bellows.

file name: tg13gray.gif Black and white version of previous picture.

file name: TGphoto14.gif 2 campers deplying secchi disk while on cruise.

file name: boat.gif Group shots of campers posing on the bow during the research cruise.

file name: scan52.jpeg Closeup of a dolphin bowriding during the research cruise.

file name: tgcamp14.jpg Camper Anna holding a cowfish while on research cruise. 1992.

In the Labs and At Work

file name: TGphoto10.gif 2 campers and Sarah Tebbens working in the Tectonics lab?

file name: control.gif Campers working in the Plate Tectonics Lab on the wax modeling experiment.

file name: TGphoto11.gif 2 campers and Heather Penta writing out conversions on the blackboard.

file name: tg11gray.gif Closeup in black and white of previous photo.

file name: tg15gray.gif Black and white photo of campers working together on a microscope.

file name: TGphoto16.gif 2 campers working on equipment in a lab.

file name: tg17gray.gif Black and white version of previous photo.

file name: TGphoto3.gif Camper on a stool reaching into a tank at the Pier Aquarium.

file name: TGphoto7.gif Three campers looking at oil disperse in a tinfoil pan.

file name: TGphoto9.gif Two campers working with fish specimens during the fish ecology lab.

file name: tg9gray.gif Closeup of previous photo.

file name: scan3.jpeg Two campers laughing while at the computer monitor.

file name: scan49.jpeg Three campers and Dave Naar in the Wax Modeling lab.

file name: tgcamp7.jpg Camper smiling at the camera while working on the computer.

Beach Cleanup

file name: TGphoto20.gif Three campers posing by their garbage from the camp's beach cleanup.

file name: TGphoto6.gif Two campers holding their garbage bag open to put trash in during the camp's beach cleanup.

Fun Photos

file name: scan17.jpeg Closeup of camper underwater in the swimming pool.

file name: scan50.jpeg Sunset over the water with the beach in the foreground and bird flying thorugh the sunset.

file name: tgcamp9.jpg Two campers underwater in the pool.

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