Winter 2001 Reunion On Saturday, January 13th, 2001, several of the alumni campers from the Oceanography Camp for Girls met with Peter C. from Tampa Baywatch to mark storm drains in the Pinellas Point area of St. Petersburg, FL. They spent the morning adhering plaques to 200 storm drains alerting locals not to use them for dumping waste.

Afterwards, the girls traveled to Boyd Hill Nature Park for a picnic lunch and a nature walk with park ranger Herman T. They ended their day with some catching up back at the University of South Florida's Bayboro Campus in Downtown St. Petersburg.

The Girls Oceanography Camp would like to thank Peter C. of Tampa Baywatch and Herman T. of Boyd Hill Nature Park for their involvement.

List of Campers who participated in the Winter 2001 Reunion

Shannon G.
Toni P.
Megan G.
Melissa K.
Chelsea W.
Francesca M.
Holly R.
Becky Z.
Becky W.
Jennie N.
Escarlin M.
Malia G.
Danielle S.
Christine H.
Mary R.

Camp Staff included:
Teresa G
Nan S.
Kristina L.
Hester H.
Scott B.
Peter Clark
Jessica M.
Angie L.

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