Spring 2000 Reunion On Saturday, April 15th, 2000, the alumni campers from the Oceanography Camp for Girls joined Tampa Baywatch and the South Florida Water Management District's SWIM program to replant an area near the Braden River in Manatee County. This oligohaline area had been taken over with non-native Australian Pines, which had eliminated habitat for native plants and animals.

Tampa Baywatch and the SWIM program removed the pines and provided us with 11,500 saltmarsh plants to revegetate the site. In approximately four hours, we planted all of the Spartina alterniflora, S. patens, S. bakeri, and Paspalum sp. plants -- and tired ourselves out in the process!

Afterwards, we hung out at the University of South Florida's College of Marine Science and caught up on all the news and stuff.

We went back to the planting site in October 2000 to check up on how the plants were doing. Check out the photos by following the link at the bottom of this page!

Special Thanks to Sari S. and Peter C. of Tampa Baywatch and Carl G. and Roy of the SWIM program!

List of Campers who participated in the Spring 2000 Reunion

Katie D. 92
Kathyrn H. 95I
Sara R. 96II
Kristina L. 97
Ann O. 97
Darla D. 97
Melissa K. 98I
Janie M. 98I
Hester H. 98I
Rachel B. 98I
Julia R. 98I
Sian T. 98I
Rachelle K. 98I
Brittany S. 98I
Regina G. 98II
Kendra O. 98II
Jessica M. 98II
Debbie P. 99
Nichole C. 99
Marielos B. 99
Eleni P. 99
Kristie D. 99
Sara V. 99
Nyiesha H. 99
Ann C. 99

Camp Staff included:
Teresa G
Nan S.
Chris S.
Linae B.
Jen J.
Scott B.
Jay L.
Lauren W. (Eckerd)
Paula C.
Lisa M.
Joe T.
Joe O.
Terri and Scarlett B.

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