Rosie and other participants marking a drain

Eric holding a storm drain sign while Lisa does all the work

Greta, Darla, Paula C., Kristina and Latisha on their storm drain route

Paul, Chris, Jose, Sean S., Krystal, Joey and Joey posing on a street corner

Alex, Alysia and Tanya applying glue to the signs

Leah, Rani, Kara, Jess, Andrew and Robyn with Madison, the camp mascot

Campers and participants hanging out by the pool

Rosie and Carolyn with cotton candy and artwork from Easter Fest


Paul, Andrew and Johnny "MANNING" the grill

Lori, Danielle, Rosie, Teresa and Paula C.

Kristina, Teresa, Nicole and Latisha trying out for the Oceanography Camp synchronized swim team

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