Spring 1999 Reunion On Saturday April 10, 1998, we held a reunion for The Oceanography Camp for Girls. We had record-breaking crowds for this reunion, with almost 50 "ex" campers participating. For the reunion, we went canoeing at Weedon Island Nature Preserve on Tampa Bay. The Canoe Trail is about 4 miles long and it took us from about 10 am to 2 pm. The trail goes through old narrow mosquito ditches through mangrove areas and across more open areas between small mangrove islands.

Although some of us were a bit rusty on our canoeing techniques, the trip was a great success--unless you count just one or two unintentional canoe flips!

For this outing, we borrowed 30 or so canoes from different places, including the Oasis Program at USF, the USF Waterfront Department, and the Holy Family Church. Thanks to everyone who made this reunion possible!

"Ex"campers that participated were:
Michee A. 95
Alea J. 97
Kristina L. 97
Jamie K. 98
Tiffany C. 98
Ashley H. 98
Mianca B. 98
Jamie T. 98
Kim R. 98
Erin M. 98
Jamie F. 98
Miranda E. 98
Samantha A. 98
Alysia M. 96
Crystal A. 98
Latisha S. 97
Heather S. 98
Jessica M. 97
Rani P. 97
Brandi M. 96
Cassie H. 98
Wei Ting L. 98
Missy E. 97
Kendra O. 98
Judy F. 98
Sara R. 96
Ashleigh S. 98
Kara S. 97
Valerie B. 98
Corinne D. 98
Shana S. 95
Tara T. 98
Arielle K. 98
Megan M. 98
Joey B. 96
Leah T. 97
Brittany S. 98
Tonya M. 96
Janie M. 98
Jessica M. 98
Melissa K. 98
Rachel B. 98
Sian T. 98
Hester H. 98
Kasey S. 98

Camp Staff included:
Teresa G
Nan S.
Chris S.
Linae B.
Jason L.
Jen J.
Scott B.
Steve G.
Robyn C.
Cathy S.
Heidi C.
Johnny D.
Linda C.
Paul A.
Angela C.

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