Planting salt marsh plants at Cockroach Bay involves at lot of hard but worthwhile work. Marine Science student Eric Siegel and campers Christina and Katie demonstrate the proper techniques.

Camper Katie holding a clump of salt marsh plants.

A camper holding a cup of fertilizer, which is used to give the salt marsh plants a head start in their new lives.

1995 camper Kira and her mother at the salt marsh planting.

Group photo of all the campers and counselors who participated in the salt marsh planting at Cockroach Bay.

Having fun looking at the Oceanography Camp's Web site: (from left to right) Jennifer, Alysia, Desiree, Chris Simoniello, Tanya, and Pam Sutton. (with Roblyn in the background)

Campers Stephanie and Sarah browsing through the Oceanography Camp's Web site.

More fun playing on the Oceanogrpahy Camp's Web site: Christina, Katie, and Lisa.

Teresa Greely, Camp Director, heroically sacrifices her own well being to rescue the volleyball but ends up needing rescuing herself. Counselor Chris Simoniello and camper Nela (with help from others) are credited with her rescue.

Campers Stephanie, Jennifer, Tanya, and Sarah and counselor Pam Sutton playing badminton on the volleyball court.

A bunch of us taking a break in the shade: (from left to right) Teresa , Nela (kneeling), Tanya, Sarah, Roblyn, Katie, Christina, and Desiree.