The Tampa Bay Water Story

TAMPA, FL - The Tampa Bay estuary holds unique characteristics and requires us all to play an active role in keeping our coastal communities healthy. It's a collaborative effort to monitor, maintain and care for Tampa Bay and it is an example of years of work that turned the tides on poor conditions several decades ago. It's crucial now, that we all understand that we have to actively pay attention and as much as we appreciate the beauty of living near the Bay, we have to work together to protect and preserve it for generations to come.



Students Present at International Virus Meetings

Liverpool, England - Brittany Leigh and Chelsea Bonnain presented their research at the Aquatic Virus Workshop and the Viruses of Microbes international conferences in Plymouth and Liverpool, England in July 2016.

Marine Science Happy Hour Networking Event July 27 2016

ST. PETERSBURG, FL - The next Tampa Bay Marine Science Networking Happy Hour will be at The Ale and the Witch (inside Plaza Courtyard Shops), 111 2nd Ave NE, St Petersburg, FL 33701.  It will be held on Wednesday, July 27th, 4:30-6:30pm.  They have a diverse beer menu and also serve other alcohol and have unique non-alcoholic beverages.  This event will be self-pay and I will provide name tags.   You can park in the nearby parking garage or in metered street parking.  All ocean science professionals or those who support ocean science are welcome to attend.  Please share this event.

Students Develop Environmental Leadership Skills

ST. PETERSBURG, FL - Last week, 13 high school students from Pinellas County participated in a five-day workshop to increase their knowledge about marine/watershed pollution causes and impacts, and develop their communications and project leadership skills. The new workshop was developed by Keep Pinellas Beautiful and the University of South Florida College of Marine Science for the Collaborating for Clean Communities initiative, which is funded by a NOAA Marine Debris Prevention grant. 

The students heard presentations and engaged in discussions with experts from KPB, USF CMS, the City of St. Petersburg, the Youth Ocean Conservation Summit and the USF SP School of Media Studies.  Held at the USF SP Harbor Hall, students kayaked in Booker Creek and X beach to assess litter, and practiced organizing a clean-up in Bayboro Harbor. During the week, students honed in on their issues and developed projects to implement at their schools.   

Making Waves

ST. PETERSBURG, FL - For 25 Years, the Oceanography Camp for Girls at USF's College of Marine Science has been nurturing female scientists of the future. The seagulls gliding beneath the cloudless, blue sky at Caladesi Island have some special guests on a recent morning in late June. The line of visitors, fresh off a short ferry ride from dockside in Dunedin, lug coolers, backpacks and wagons along a winding wooden path. In minutes, they step onto a stretch of pristine white sand and into a world of wonder and discovery.

Read the full article here, By Dave Scheiber, USF Foundation

13th International Coral Reef Symposium in Hawaii

Honolulu, Hawaii - Natasha Mendez-Ferrer had a poster presentation within the session of: Indicator Taxa: What can they tell us about the past, present and future of coral reefs?
Maria Vega-Rodriguez did an oral presentation within the Metabolism studies/Observations of coral reef communities session.

The two also participated in a resolution to form the first chapter of Latin Americans within the International Society for Reef Studies. This will provide a platform for enhancing participation of Latin Americans within all structures of the organization and is a great accomplishment. 

Elizabeth Brown earns OCG Fellowship

ST. PETERSBURG, FL - The Oceanography Camp for Girls Fellowship provides support for full-time and part-time female graduate students in the College of Marine Science who participate as educators (science mentors) in the Oceanography Camp for Girls. Recipients of this fellowship will participate in Pre-program, during program and Post-program activities. 

The Ferrojan Horse Hypothesis

ST. PETERSBURG, FL - Chelsea Bonnain, Mya Breitbart, and Kristen Buck recently published a paper in the journal Frontiers in Marine Science entitled "The Ferrojan Horse Hypothesis: Iron-Virus Interactions in the Ocean". This exciting interdisciplinary paper ( suggests that phages (viruses that infect bacteria) may play an important role in the cycling of iron, which is a limiting trace metal in the ocean. 

New species named in honor of CMS Professor

UNIVERSITY OF BONN, GERMANY - Researchers at the University of Bonn, Germany, Meena Förderer and Martin R. Langer, in a paper published in PeerJ on 23 June 2016, described five new species, naming one Siphonapertra hallocki. Quoting from their paper "Etymology. In honor of Pamela Hallock Muller for her extensive work on tropical foraminifera".

The paper is available at:

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ST PETERSBURG, FL - On Day One, we examined several fish species local to Tampa Bay, including Red Drum, Silver Trout, Leopard Sea Robins, and much more! Campers explored the external features/characteristics of each fish to gain insight on how the particular species lives, and therefore, how it interacts with its environment and other species. 
Read the full article here. She also avilable on and facetime pc