Monday, 23 October 2017 Are lionfish the next modern coastal cuisine?

Are lionfish the next modern coastal cuisine?

TREASURE ISLAND, FL - Dr. Chris Stallings of USF Marine Science recently participated in a lionfish awareness dinner event. Dr. Stallings helped by providing his own insight on the invasive lionfish species by creating awareness to the general public. 

“This fish is from the Endo-Pacific region and the red sea and after they are released into our local system they are now distributed up and down the east coast of Florida, The west coast of Florida, The Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean. So, the reason why we are concerned about this is that they are eating machines. They can reduce the abundance of our native fish by up to 90 percent and this can include juvenile grouper and snapper as well as lobster and stone crabs,” said Dr. Chris Stallings, Associate Professor of Biological Oceanography at USF.

The Club at Treasure Island hosted the event and is hopeful this will benefit the Florida Institute of Oceanography.