Seminar Schedule Fall 2016

* Fridays at 3:30 PM, MSL Conference Room, (MSL 134)
Note: Some seminars are scheduled for Thursday (3:30PM, MSL 134)


Aug. 26, 2016

Faculty Seminars - Faculty Seminar Flyer


Sept. 2, 2016 *Cancelled*

Speaker: Cory Krediet

Affiliation: Eckerd College

Title: Corals and their microbial symbionts: a model systems approach       

Host: Mya Breitbart

Sept. 9, 2016

Speaker: David Murphy

Affiliation: University of South Florida College of Engineering

Title: Crude Oil Plumes in Crossflow AND Underwater Flight by the Sea Butterfly

Host: Gary Mitchum


Sept. 15, 2016

Speaker: Neils Jacobson

Affiliation: Deltares

Title: Detailed numerical modelling of fluid flow and morphodynamics with OpenFoam

Host: Patricia (Soupy) Dalyander (USGS)


Sept. 23, 2016

Speaker: Dr. Ken Storey, Ph.D., F.R.S.C.

Affiliation: Professor of Biochemistry at Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada Research Chair in Molecular Physiology

Title: Living Dead: Metabolic Arrest and the Control of Biological Time -

Stresses, from drying to freezing to oxygen deprivation to extreme heat or cold can trigger ”the living dead" – 

animals that are alive but show no apparent life signs.

Host: Brad Seibel


Sept. 30, 2016

Speaker: Robert Ahrens

Affiliation: University of Florida

Title: Tuna is Delicious and Other Lessons Learned from the Japanese Longline Fishery

Host: Liz Herdter/Murawski Lab


Oct. 7, 2016

Alumni Speakers

Bruce Barber, PhD '84

Executive Director, Gulf Shellfish Institute

Kara Doran, MS '10

Oceanographer, USGS St. Petersburg Coastal and Marine Science Center

Merrie Beth Neely, MS '96, PhD '08

Environmental Consultant

Host: Howard Rutherford


Oct. 14, 2016

Speaker: Carlos Moffat

Affiliation: University of Delaware

Title: The Ocean and Glacier Retreat in Patagonia

Host: Eugene Domack


Oct. 21, 2016

Speaker: Matthew Nicotra

Affiliation: University of Pittsburgh

Title: Allorecognition: How a cnidarian tells friend from foe   

Host: Larry Dishaw


Oct. 25, 2016 (Tuesday)

Speaker: Esa-Matti Tastula

Affiliation: CMS Alumni and Sackett Prize Recipient

Title: Routing Ships Around the World Using Oceanography and Meteorology

Host: Boris Galperin


Oct. 28, 2016

Speaker: Cory Krediet

Affiliation: Eckerd College

Title: Corals and their microbial symbionts: a model systems approach

Host: Mya Breitbart


Nov. 4, 2016

Speaker: Arvind Varsani

Affiliation: Arizona State University

Title: Viruses and the frozen continent

Host: Mya Breitbart & Karyna Rosario


Nov. 17, 2016

Speaker: Andre J. van der Westhuysen

Affiliation: NOAA NWS/NCEP/Environmental Modeling Center

Title: Operational wind wave and coastal hazard forecasting in the US

Host:  Joseph Long (USGS)


Dec 2, 2016

Speaker: Heather Leslie

Affiliation: Darling Marine Center, University of Maine

Title: Sustaining Coastal Marine Social-Ecological System

Host: Marcy Cockrell/Murawski Lab


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Seminar Schedule Spring 2016

* Fridays at 3:30 PM, MSL Conference Room, (MSL 134)
Note: Some seminars are scheduled for Thursday (3:30PM, MSL 134)


Jan. 15, 2016

Student Symposium

8:30-8:45    Coffee, welcome    

8:45-9:00    Maria Vega-Rodriguez        Influence of Water-Temperature Variability on Stony Coral Diversity in Florida Keys Patch Reefs
9:00-9:15    Christian Haller        How well does a storm deposit preserve? A study from Waccasassa Bay, west-central Florida
9:15-9:30    Shahd Aljandal            Characterization of Gene Transfer Agents Produced by Ruegeria pomeroyi DSS-3
9:30-9:45    Theresa King            Errina antarctica: A Potential Proxy for Southern Ocean Paleocirculation
9:45-10:00    Travis Mellett            Organic Complexation of Dissolved Copper and Iron From Shipboard Incubations in the Central California Current System
10:00-10:15    Catherine Smith         Palynology, Stratigraphic Analysis & Paleoenvironmental Significance of Organic-Rich Sediment Cores JPC-54 and 55, Sabrina Coast, East Antarctica

10:15-10:30    Break
10:30-10:45    Jennifer Granneman        Patterns of Oil-Associated Metal Exposure in the Otolith Microchemistry of Multiple Gulf of Mexico Fish Species
10:45-11:00    Yingli Zhu            Estimation of Background Noise Spectrum From the Residual of a Regression Model
11:00-11:15    Alexandria Creasy        Dynamics of Host Barriers to Bacterial Competition Within The Gut
11:15-11:30    Megan Hepner            Changes in Reef Fish Abundances Associated with Indo-Pacific Lionfish Introduction to the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary: a Twenty Year Time Series.
11:30-11:45    Shaojie Sun            Sun glint requirement for the remote detection of surface oil films
11:45-12:00    Chelsea Bonnain            Iron-Virus Interactions in the Oceans

12:00-1:00    Lunch break
1:00-1:15    Dana Nieuwkerk            Molecular Quantification of the Florida Red Tide Dinoflagellate and the Development of Low Cost, Handheld Sensor Networks
1:15-1:30    Michael Kosempa            Mapping Error in Southern Ocean Transport Computed From Satellite Altimetry and Argo
1:30-1:45    Amy Wallace            New Forensic Methods for Describing the Histories of Fish
1:45-2:00    Jon Sharp            Characterizing the Influence of Particulate Organic Matter on Seawater Alkalinity
2:00-2:15    Sean Beckwith             Distribution of Archaias angulatus on the Inner West Florida Shelf: Substrata and Water Chemistry Versus Temperature
2:15-2:30    Joseph Curtis            Changes in Diet of a Native Predator Associated with Invasive Lionfish
2:30-2:45    Makenna Martin            Characterizing the Microbiome of Algal Symbiont-Bearing Foraminifera from Florida Reefs

2:45-3:00    Break    

3:00-3:15    Kristina Deak            All About That Base(line): Hematology of Gulf of Mexico Fishes in 2015
3:15-3:30    Kara Wall            Effects of herbivory and habitat type on the recruitment and succession of epibenthos in the eastern Gulf of Mexico
3:30-3:45    Cristina Subt            Ramped PyrOx with a twist: Improving radiocarbon chronologies on highly detrital marginal Antarctic sediments
3:45-4:00    Benjamin Ross            Dormancy in the Foraminifera: Implications for the Past, Present and Future
4:00-4:15    Marcy Cockrell            Spatial and Temporal Dynamics of Commercial Reef-Fish Fisheries on the West Florida Shelf: Understanding Drivers of Fleet Behavior and the Implications for                         Future Management
4:15-4:30    Alex Ilich            Informing Ecosystem-Based Management Post Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill Using a Novel Survey Abundance Measurement System
4:30-4:45    Elizabeth Herdter        Assessing Spatial and Temporal Variability in Abundance and the Influence of Environment and Climate on Recruitment of Spotted Seatrout, Cynoscion nebulosus,                         in Florida Waters
4:45-5:00    Kara Vadman            Foraminifer- and Diatom-Based Paleoceanographic Study of Holocene Sediments from the Sabrina Coast, East Antarctica

5:00 and beyond    Final Judging/TGIF    


Jan. 22, 2016

Speaker: Chris Koenig

Affiliation: Florida State University

Title: Combining in situ observations, passive acoustics, and genetics to understand complex spawning behaviors

Host: Orian Tzadik & Chris Stallings

Jan. 29, 2016

Speaker: Tor Tornqvist

Affiliation: Tulane University

Title: The last deglaciation after halftime: A sea-level perspective

Host: Brad Rosenheim


Feb. 5, 2016

Speaker: Christopher Scholz

Affiliation: Syracuse University

Title: Scientific Drilling in Africa’s Great Rift Valley: Influence of Tectonics and Climate Change on Lake Malawi Ecosystems

Host: Gene Domack


Feb. 11, 2016

Speaker: Miriam Jones

Affiliation: USGS (Reston, VA)

Title: The dynamics of carbon stocks in wetlands under a changing climate: from permafrost thaw to sea-level rise

Host: Chris Smith (USGS)


Feb. 18, 2016

Speaker: None


Feb. 26, 2016

Speaker: Lee Kump

Affiliation: Penn State

Title: Ocean acidification: ancient events and the future

Host: Eugene Shinn


March 4, 2016

Speaker: Hjálmar Hátún

Affilation: The Faroe Marine Research Institute

Title: Three long short-stories from the Atlantic

Host: Dr. Anni Djurhuus / Dr. Mya Breitbart


March 10, 2016

Speaker: Nick Shay

Affilation: University of Miami

Title: Characterizing the Loop Current Complex Response to Hurricane Forcing

Host: Jennifer Collins (USF Geoscience) & Don Chambers


March 21, 2016 (Monday)

Speaker: Noel James

Affiliation: Department of Geological Sciences & Geological Engineering, Queen’s University


Host: Gene Domack


March 24, 2016

Speaker: Greg King

Affiliation: Institute of Marine Sciences (CISC) Barcelona, Spain

Title: Turbulent cascades and intermittency in winds over the Tropical Pacific

Host: Boris Galperin


Apr. 1, 2016

Speaker: Richard Ray

Affiliation: NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

Title: From the Moon to Turbulence

Host: Gary Mitchum


Apr. 22, 2016

Speaker: Jaye Cable


Title: Examining groundwater connections between the Mississippi River and adjacent deltaic wetlands in Louisiana

Host: Christopher Smith (USGS)


Apr. 28, 2016

Speaker: Jack Puelo

Affiliation: University of Delaware

Title: Sheet flow in the surf and swash zones

Host: Nathaniel Plant (USGS)


May 6, 2016

Speaker: Dr. S. George Philander

Affiliation: Geosciences at Princeton University

Title: The Hedgehog and the Fox:  A Nelson Mandela perspective on GLOBAL WARMING

Host: Dr. Robert Weisberg

Prior to the Seminar in the same room at 2 PM there will be a book signing of his recent book, "Our Affair with El Nino," published by the Princeton University Press.  

Highlights include being a member of the National Academy of Sciences; providing seminal contributions explaining a broad range of Earth climate phenomena from the annual cycle, to inter-annual and multi-decadal climate variations, to the ice ages, all in relation to the coupling between the ocean and atmosphere; and his singularly courageous and unselfish education and outreach initiative to underprivileged students in this country of birth, South Africa. Rarely is there an individual with a career record that encompasses the purposes, values and ideals of USF so completely.


May 10, 2016

Speaker: Will Patterson

Affiliation: University of South Alabama, Department of Marine Sciences, Dauphin Island Sea Lab

Title: Direct and indirect effects of invasive lionfish in the northern Gulf of Mexico and their potential mitigation

Host: Gary Mitchum


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