Seminar Schedule

* Fridays at 3:30 PM, MSL Conference Room, (MSL 134)
Note: Some seminars are scheduled for Thursday (3:30PM, MSL 134)


Aug. 28, 2015

Faculty Seminars


Sept. 4, 2015

Title- USF College of Marine Science Student-Alumni Career Panel and Social

When- Friday, September 4

When- 4 – 5 pm, TGIF afterwards

Where- MSL Conference Room

Moderated by- Merrie Beth Neely, Ph.D.,  08‘ and Bruce Barber, Ph.D., ‘84


Description- The panel is convened in collaboration between the USF Marine Science Society and the College of Marine Science in an effort to expose current students to the career diversity their future degree opens for them, highlight marketable skills, and foster mentoring through CMS alumni introductions.  Using a moderated panel discussion format, current CMS students will engage with successful, diverse CMS alumni in careers outside Academia.  Panel include individuals in informal and formal education, policy and government and management.


Bill Arnold, Ph.D., ’06, Branch Chief, NOAA Southeast Regional Office

Libby Carnahan, ’05, UF/IFAS Extension Florida Sea Grant Agent, Florida Sea Grant

Jenna Cummings, ’06, Director of Marine Studies, Canterbury School of Florida

Molly McLaughlin, ’00, Laboratory Manager, United States Geological Survey

Andy Squires, ‘84, Coastal and Freshwater Resources Section Manager, Pinellas County



Sept. 10, 2015

Speaker: Nicole Kahn

Affiliation: Rutgers University

Title: Holocene relative sea-level change from near-, intermediate-, and far-field locations

Host: Lisa Osterman (USGS)


Sept. 17, 2015

Speaker: John Jaeger

Affiliation: University of Florida

Title: Marine insights into the mid-Pleistocene climate transition and its lasting tectonic impact

Host: Amelia Shevenell


Sept. 25, 2015

Speaker: Rick Lumpkin

Affiliation: NOAA AOML

Title: Ocean observations of relative dispersion and stirring

Host: Boris Galperin


Oct. 2, 2015

Speaker: Maitane Olabarrieta

Affiliation: University of Florida


Host: Patricia Dalyander (USGS)


Oct. 8, 2015

Speaker: Philip Thompson

Affiliation: University of Hawaii

Title: 20th century sea level rise: What do we (not) know?

Host: Gary Mitchum (USFCMS)


Oct. 16, 2015

Speaker: Branwen Williams

Affilation:  Claremont McKenna-Pitzer-Scripps Colleges

Title: Reconstruction of Aleutian seawater temperature since 1665 AD from the skeletons of coralline algae

Host: Ryan Moyer


Oct. 23, 2015

Speaker: Edwin Hernandez

Affiliation: University of Puerto Rico, Center for Applied Tropical Ecology and Conservation, Coral Reef Research Group

Title: Coral reef community trajectories in a climate of change: Cross-scale implications for persistence and resilience

Host: Maria Vega-Rodriguez & Frank Muller-Karger


Oct. 30, 2015

Speaker: Felix Landerer

Affiliation: Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology

Title: From space to the ocean floor: Atlantic meridional overturning circulation variations from GRACE ocean bottom pressure anomalies

Host: Don Chambers


Nov. 5, 2015

Speaker: Greg Wilson

Affiliation: Dalhousie University

Title: Acoustic measurements of sediment transport over sand dunes

Host: Joseph Long (USGS)


Nov. 13, 2015

Speaker: Terry Fei Fan Ng

Affiliation: Center for Disease Control

Title: Amazing viral diversity in aquatic animals showcases the big bang-like radiation of virus evolution 

Host: Karyna Rosario


Nov. 20, 2015

Speaker: Warren Washington

Affiliation: National Center for Atmospheric Research

Title: My Journey as a Climate Modeler and How the Earth's Climate is Likely to Change

Host: Frank Muller-Karger & Bernard Batson


Dec. 3, 2015

Speaker: Jorge Lorenzo-Trueba

Affiliation: Montclaire State University

Title: Exploring the morphodynamics of river deltas and barrier islands. What can we learn from simple models?

Host: Nathaniel Plant (USGS)


Dec. 4, 2015

Speaker: Francisco Arreguin-Sanchez

Affiliation: Centro Interdisciplinario de Ciencias Marinas

Title: Holistic approach to ecosystem-based fisheries management: identifying limits of fishing

Host: Cameron Aimsworth


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