Students that Graduated from CMS in 2013

ST. PETERSBURG - This year we have had the following Masters and Ph.D. students graduating from the College of Marine Science.  Please see the list of students below.


Masters (6)

Jessica Makowski advised by Don Chambers, Fall, “Understanding Transport Variability Of the Antarctic Circumpolar Current Using Ocean Bottom Pressure”

Brendan O’Connor advised by Frank Muller Karger, Summer, “Impacts of Mississippi River Diversions on Phytoplankton Blooming in the Northeastern Gulf of Mexico in August 2010”

Heidi Toomey advised by Pam Hallock Muller, Fall, “Chlorophyll Fluorescence as an Indicator of Thermal Stress in Archaias angulatus (Class Foraminifera)”

Sky Williams advised by Kendra Daly and Ernst Peebles (Co-Chairs), Fall, “Use of Stable Isotope and Trace Metal Signatures to Track the Emigration of Female Blue Crabs, Callinectes sapidus, from Tampa Bay”

Catherine Hayslip advised by Ernst Peebles, Fall, “Investigation of condition effects on batch fecundity of the Common Snook, Centropomus undecimalis, in Tampa Bay, Florida”

Beverly Sauls advised by Ernst Peebles, Fall, “Relative Survival of Gags Mycteroperca microlepis Released Within a Recreational Hook-and-Line Fishery: Application of the Cox Regression Model to Control for Heterogeneity in a Large-Scale Mark-Recapture Study”


Ph.D. (14)

Ana Arellano advised by Paula Coble, Fall, “Investigation of Colored Dissolved Organic Matter (CDOM) Optical Properties, Nutrients, and Salinity: Springshed to Estuaries”

Brian Barnes advised by Chuanmin Hu, Fall, “The combined effects of light and temperature on coral bleaching: A case study of the Florida Reef Tract using satellite data”

Regina Easley advised by Bob Byrne, Summer, “The Spectrophotometric Analysis of Lead Carbonate Complexation and Carbonate Saturation States in Seawater”

Daniel Greenhow advised by David Mann, Spring, “Hearing and Echolocation in Stranded and Captive Odontocete Cetaceans”

Lara Henry advised by Joseph Torres and Pamela Hallock Muller, Fall, “Metabolism in corals from Antarctica, the deep sea, and the shallow subtropics: contrasts in temperature, depth, and light”

Eloy Martinez advised by Joseph Torres, Spring, “Biochemical aspects on the thermal sensitivity and energy balance of polar, tropical and subtropical teleosts”

Luis Miranda advised by Bob Byrne, Spring, “Development of novel nano-composite membranes as introduction systems for mass spectrometers: Contrasting nano-composite membranes and conventional inlet systems”

Christin Murphy advised by David Mann, Spring, “Structure and Function of Pinniped Vibrissae”

Erica Ombres advised by Jose Torres, Spring, “Gradients in season, latitude and sea-ice:  Their effect on metabolism and stable isotopic composition of Antarctic micronekton”

Kara Radabaugh advised by Ernst Peebles, Summer, “Light-environment control and basal resource use of planktonic and benthic primary production”

Candice Simmons advised by Ted Van Vleet and Pamela Hallock Muller, Fall, “Polybrominated Diphenyl Ethers in Sediments within the Hillsborough Bay Watershed”

Inia Soto Ramos advised by Frank Muller-Karger, Summer, “Harmful Algal Blooms of the West Florida Shelf and Campeche Bank: Visualization and Quantification using Remote Sensing Methods”

Paul Suprenand advised by Joseph Torres and Pamela Hallock Muller, Spring, “Investigations for utilizing pteropods as bioindicators of environmental change along the western Antarctic Peninsula”

Monica Wilson advised by Mark Luther, Fall, “Synoptic to interannual variability in volumetric flushing in Tampa Bay, FL using observational data and a numerical model”



USF team mines data at end of the world

TAMPA - USF professors and grad students in Antarctica documenting the thinning ice sheet (Tampa Bay Times).

Mining data at the end of the world