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ST. PETERSBURG, FL - Today was the first day of the Oceanography Camp for Girls. This is the 24th summer USFCMS will host 30 teen girls as part of our Precollege Ocean Sciences program. Today we spent the day getting to know each other, as well as the College campus. After a busy morning of introductions and paperwork, we had lunch with a scenic view of Tampa Bay. After lunch we gathered on the south lawn and played “Have You Ever,” which was a great way to learn what experiences we have in common.

We closed out the day with a Dolphin Training activity to learn how we communicate non verbally and a briefing on how to prepare for our three field research expeditions later this week--- a research cruise, coastal ecology, and ocean conservation. Follow along as our OCG counselors (OCG alumnae) and science mentors (CMS graduate students) share a learning journal each day of OCG, June 16th through July 3rd.

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Ocean Concepts Day

ST. PETERSBURG, FL - On Ocean Concepts Day, the the campers were taught about the different zones of the ocean (beaches, estuaries, epipelagic, mesopelagic and bathypelagic).  This group learned about the diversity and importance of the photosynthesizing organisms (phytoplankton) in the open ocean epipelagic zone (plankton rock).  After understanding their need to stay in the sunlight zone, the girls designed and built their own plankton species and tested their ability to stay afloat in a water column.

Duke Energy presents $15,000 to USF Oceanography Camp for Girls

CALADESI ISLAND, FL - Melissa Seixas, Government and Community Relations Manager, with Duke Energy presents a $15,000 check to Gary Mitchum, Associate DeanTeresa Greely, Oceanography Camp for Girls Director, and E. Howard Rutherford, Director of Development, to support the University of South Florida College of Marine Sciences’s Oceanography Camp for Girls.

The campers departed afterwards for Caladesi Island to study currents, beach profiling, sand composition and flora and fauna.

OCG alumni accepts internship at Center for Human Genetics Research

ST. PETERSBURG, FL - Jessie Green, a Biology student at Eckerd College, and Oceanography Camp for Girls alumni, has just accepted an internship at the Center for Human Genetics Research in Boston this summer.  Congratulations Jessica!

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ST PETERSBURG, FL - On Day One, we examined several fish species local to Tampa Bay, including Red Drum, Silver Trout, Leopard Sea Robins, and much more! Campers explored the external features/characteristics of each fish to gain insight on how the particular species lives, and therefore, how it interacts with its environment and other species. 
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Teresa Greely shares information about education and outreach initiatives

ST. PETERSBURG, FL - Dr. Teresa Greely, C-IMAGE's education officer, shares information about C-IMAGE's education and outreach initiatives.  Dr. Greely provides expertise in the areas of biological oceanography, ecological physiology, marine fishes, and ocean science education. She has broad research interests which encompass teaching and training about the ocean sciences in three areas: graduate and undergraduate education, teacher education, and ocean literacy amongst youth.

She currently coordinates four education programs: The Oceanography Camp for Girls (OCG), the In-service Teacher Oceanography Workshops (In-TOW), the National Ocean Science Bowl's regional Spoonbill Bowl competition, and the OCEANS Teaching Fellowships.

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Elizabeth Brown earns OCG Fellowship

ST. PETERSBURG, FL - The Oceanography Camp for Girls Fellowship provides support for full-time and part-time female graduate students in the College of Marine Science who participate as educators (science mentors) in the Oceanography Camp for Girls. Recipients of this fellowship will participate in Pre-program, during program and Post-program activities.