Rosenheim leads RPO Workshop at WHOI

ST. WOODS HOLE, MA - Brad Rosenheim teamed up with Dr. Ann McNichol, Dr. Valier Galy and others from Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution to offer the first Ramped PyrOx (RPO) workshop, sponsored by the National Science Foundation. The event lasted one and a half days, and was attended by USF College of Marine Science (CMS) graduate student Cristina Subt and USF CMS professor Eugene Domack. All three USF attendees chaired panel discussions about the technique, a tool central to several investigations by the Southern Oceans group at USF CMS. The workshop will produce an article to Eos, the news outlet of the American Geophysical Union, and a white paper to NSF. 

Ben Ross co‑chairs session at GSA 2016

DENVER, CO - At the 2016 Annual Meeting of the Geological Society of America, Ben Ross organized and co‑chaired with Caitlin Hanley the session, “Experimental Approaches and Technology in Service of Micropaleontology”. Dr. Joan Bernhard of the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution was the featured speaker and talks were given by several USF College of Marine Science students, faculty, and alumni. MS student, Christian Gfatter, introduced his approach of utilizing image recognition technology for foraminiferal assemblage analyses in his first oral presentation at a scientific conference. Dr. Guillem Mateu‑Vincens, former visiting pre‑doctoral researcher in the Reef Indicators Lab at CMS, and Dr. Natasha Mendez‑Ferrer, a recent CMS alumna, were invited speakers. Sean Beckwith, another CMS graduate student, and Dr. Pamela Hallock Muller also made oral presentations on technology and foraminifera.

The Cushman Foundation was a sponsor of the session as well as “Microfossil Proxies in Earth History” where Elizabeth Brown and Christian Haller presented posters on their research. In addition, Dr. Ryan Moyer, a CMS courtesy professor, made an oral presentation at the “Urban Geochemistry” session.

Photo: Left to right – Christian Gfatter, Dr. Pamela Hallock Muller, Sean Beckwith, Ben Ross, Dr. Natasha Mendez‑Ferrer