Fish Skin Lesions, Oil Residue Decline in Years After Gulf Oil Spill

ST. PETERSBURG, FL - By: Vickie Chachere - Scientists studying the impact of the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill on the health of fish in the Gulf of Mexico have found strong evidence that an outbreak of skin lesions and oil residue signatures discovered in fishes a year after the spill may be related to the catastrophe.  View full article

Click on the link below to read the article written by Steven A. Murawski, William T. Hogarth, and Ernst B. Peebles article. 

Prevalence of External Skin Lesions and Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon Concentrations in Gulf of Mexico Fishes, Post-Deepwater Horizon


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Climate change:the challenge for small islands,in the example of Cuba


Speaker: Dr. Manuel Antonio Iturralde Vinent

Affiliation: Academic Emeritus, Cuban Academy of Sciences

Seminar Title: Climate change:the challenge for small islands,in the example of Cuba

When: Oct. 16, 2014 3:30pm EST

Where: MSL Conference Room (134)

Host: Dr. Al Hine

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Ocean Concepts Day

ST. PETERSBURG, FL - On Ocean Concepts Day, the the campers were taught about the different zones of the ocean (beaches, estuaries, epipelagic, mesopelagic and bathypelagic).  This group learned about the diversity and importance of the photosynthesizing organisms (phytoplankton) in the open ocean epipelagic zone (plankton rock).  After understanding their need to stay in the sunlight zone, the girls designed and built their own plankton species and tested their ability to stay afloat in a water column.

Marine Science Happy Hour Networking Event May 14 2014

ST. PETERSBURG -  The Marine Science Happy Hour this month will be located at Z Grille 104 2nd St. S from 5-7pm.  There are parking garages directly North, West and South of the Z Grille, and metered street parking.  There will be a full bar and also have HH specials so ask your server about them.  Nametags will be provided and bring a business card to drop into our free door prize raffle which will still be drawn at 5:45-6:00 pm.  You can sign up for the USFCMS Happy Hour Networking online.

Marine Science Happy Hour Networking Event June 11 2014

ST. PETERSBURG, FL - Join us today, June 11th, 2014 for the Tampa Bay Marine Science Happy Hour event from 4:30pm-6:30pm.  This month's event will be held at The Ale and the Witch, 111 2nd Ave NE, (Plaza Tower Courtyard) St Petersburg, FL 33701.  They have a selection of craft beer on tap and wine.  It is a cash bar (ask your server about HH specials) and you can park on the street or in any of the nearby garages.

Nametags will be provided and you may want to bring business cards to share.  Please feel free to share this invitation with others who may be interested in attending.  You may sign up here.

Paul Suprenand returns from leading a successful research cruise

ST. PETERSBURG, FL - Paul Suprenand, a postdoctoral representative for USF College of Marine Science, just returned from leading a successful research cruise.  Paul traveled from Barbados to Bermuda collecting biological, chemical, and physical oceanographic data.  He was named to the 2014-2015 International Arctic Science Committee Fellow and traveled to Finland for a meeting, and expects to go to Seattle, Washington, Japan and Sweden to represent the College of Marine Science. pdf file

Lastly, Paul was one of 60 participants from around the world chosen to attend the ClimCO4 IMBER workshop in Shanghai, China this August.

Cristina Subt will receive a 2014 GSA Graduate Student Research Grant

ST. PETERSBURG - Cristina Subt, a student of Dr. Brad Rosenheim, will receive a 2014 GSA Graduate Student Research Grant.

Her research project, "Chronology of Antarctic sediments during the last glaciation using ramped pyrolysis radiocarbon analyses," involves the investigation of the ramped pyrolysis (RP) dating method on a regional scale relative to available dating methods for Antarctic sediments. She will apply radiocarbon analysis using ramped pyrolysis, bulk AIO, as well as carbonates to Antarctic sediment samples from equal depths.

The purpose of this project is to understand the differences and relationships between the three dating methods and determine if the RP 14C dates are consistently closer to the carbonate ages, which could affect how dates are constrained for Antarctic sediments, where carbonates are usually quite rare. Improved timing constraints will be useful in constructing more accurate models of ice sheet advance and retreat during the LGM.

Tasha Snow recieves the 2014 Antarctic Science Bursary award

ST. PETERSBURG, FL -  Congratulations to Tasha Snow on receiving a 2014 Antarctic Science Bursary award for her East Antarctic margin PhD research. The award is £4800, which in real money terms (and a weak US $) is $8140.

Here is more information on the program, which is run by Antarctic Science (a Cambridge University journal) and the British Antarctic Survey.

Katie S. Davis receives the Fish Florida Scholarship

ST. PETERSBURG, FL - Katie S. Davis has received the Fish Florida Scholarship, awarded to students working toward improved public understanding of the marine environment.  Katie is a master's student in the College of Marine Science's Population Dynamics and Marine Ecosystem Analysis Lab, and her research is focused on the assessment of benthic communities along the West Florida Shelf using a Camera-Based Assessment Survey System (C-BASS).  The habitats of the West Florida Shelf support many economically-important reef fish communities and are composed of various algal, coral, and sponge species.  Using video from C-BASS, and in coordination with other researchers within the College, Katie is analyzing the presence of and associations between these organisms.
Katie is also an employee of NOAA Fisheries.  One of her goals is to communicate research so that the fisheries can better understand, support, and comply with regulations, and to find ways to enable the public to become more engaged in regulation-making processes.  "I believe that the more people know about the marine environment, the more they will appreciate and want to protect it," she says.  
"USF is fortunate to have [Katie's] talent, enthusiasm, and work ethic," says Lara Kramer, Director of the Fish Florida scholarship program, "It is Fish Florida's mission to promote public awareness of and encourage the protection of marine fisheries and coastal habitats.  Supporting future fisheries research and managers with scholarship funds is just one way of doing that."
A scholarship check of $2500 was sent to the University to be applied toward Katie's tuition for the Fall 2014 semester.
About Fish Florida:
About C-BASS:

Florida Matters: A Look at the BP Oil Spill 4 Years Later

TAMPA - It's been four years since the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.  See what Dr. David Hollander and Dr. Steven Murawski have to say about it.  It aired last night April 23, 2014 at 6:30pm and will be on again Sunday morning at 7:30am, WUSF 89.7

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