Speaker: Dr. Noel James

Affiliation: Department of Geological Sciences & Geological Engineering, Queen’s University


When: March 21, 2016 3:30pm EST

Where: MSL Conference Room (134)

Host: Gene Domack

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Rising Tides v5 - Winter 2016

ST. PETERSBURG, FL - It's been an exciting winter here at USF College of Marine Science. Here are some of the highlights in the Rising Tides Magazine, Winter 2016 edition. 


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Jacqueline Dixon Joins DTM as the 20th Merle A. Tuve Senior Fellow

Washington, D.C. - Jacqueline Dixon, dean of the University of South Florida's College of Marine Science, joins DTM as the 20th Merle A. Tuve Senior Fellow. Her Tuve Lecture will be held on 7 April, 2016, in the Greenewalt Auditorium.

DTM's Tuve Fellowship started in 1996 in honor of the late Merle A. Tuve, who served as DTM director from 1946-1966. Chosen at the discretion of the director of DTM, recipients are provided housing support and DTM resources to work on problems of mutual interest with current staff members at DTM.

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Device that detects faux fish is catching on

ST. PETERSBURG, FL - The market is showing an interest in technology developed through the University of South Florida that can instantly determine whether a grouper is really a grouper. In the future, similar technology may signal whether wild-caught shrimp, tuna and red snapper live up to their claims, and even whether that glop floating offshore is really an example of the scourge known as red tide.

A USF professor and former graduate student obtained a patent last year on GrouperChek, a test that identifies the target gene in grouper to determine whether it’s actually grouper or a common substitute such as tilapia or catfish.

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Three long short-stories from the Atlantic


Speaker: Dr. Hjálmar Hátún

Affiliation: The Faroe Marine Research Institute

Seminar Title: Three long short-stories from the Atlantic

When: March 4, 2016 3:30pm EST

Where: MSL Conference Room (134)

Host: Dr. Anni Djurhuus / Dr. Mya Breitbart

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A Thorny Matter: Invasion of the Indo-Pacific Lionfish in the Western Atlantic

ST. PETERSBURG, FL - Lionfish were introduced by aquarium hobbyists to waters off the southeast coast of Florida in the 1980s.  Over the past ten years, these beautiful, ornate fish have rapidly spread across the entire tropical western Atlantic, from North Carolina to Venezuela, throughout the Caribbean and the Gulf of Mexico.  The population sizes in the invaded range commonly exceed those from their native habitats by several orders of magnitude.  With a seemingly insatiable appetite for our native fishes, and a lack of local predators and disease to keep them in check, Lionfish can have detrimental effects on the invaded marine ecosystem.  In this talk, we will review the history of the invasion, discuss the biology and ecology that has allowed them to be so successful, highlight some damaging impacts they can have, and finish with what scientists are doing to combat the problem.

Dr. Stallings is an Assistant Professor at the University of South Florida’s College of Marine Science.  His research seeks to understand the factors that affect the sizes of fish populations, including those that are of commercial and recreational importance.  His recent work on Lionfish has included the largest field experiment ever attempted to estimate the effort required to reduce their populations, analyzing removal data from the National Park Service, and lobbying the Florida Congress to heighten awareness and increase action from the state.

The speaker series is located at Weedon Island Cultural and Natural History Center at 1800 Weedon Drive NE, St Petersburg, FL 33702. Light refreshments generously donated from the Friends of Weedon Island ( will be served prior to the 7 p.m. seminar. Please arrive 15 minutes early to sign in.

This program is recommended for an adult audience.   For more information click on this event.

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Ocean acidification: ancient events and the future


Speaker: Dr. Lee Kump

Affiliation: Penn State

Seminar Title: Ocean acidification: ancient events and the future

When: Feb. 26, 2016 3:30pm EST

Where: MSL Conference Room (134)

Host: Eugene Shinn

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CIMAGE II unveils a fresh new look

ST. PETERSBURG, FL - The launch of CIMAGE II's new website, offers quick and easy access to essential information on research initiative and their research results. 

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Rally Around Town - Feb 19, 2016

ST. PETERSBURG, FL - Our next food truck rally is this Friday, Feb. 19, 2016, from 6 to 10 pm.  It's co-sponsored by the college, FIO, and the Pormer Pier Aquarium, aka Secrets of the Sea

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Marine Science Happy Hour Networking Event Feb 17 2016

ST. PETERSBURG, FL -Thursday, February 17, 2016 is our Tampa Bay Area Marine Science Networking Happy Hour.  It will be held at 4:30-6:30pm and it is our last time at The Canopy Rooftop Lounge for awhile (atop the Birchwood Hotel 340 Beach Drive Northeast St, St. Petersburg, FL 33701).

The event is selfpay, they have metered parking on the street or you can park at the nearby garage for a fee and nametags will be provided. The Canopy always has a great happy hour offering of beer, wine, and softdrinks as well as cocktails - and at affordable prices. Please join us - and bring your ocean science professional friends and colleagues.

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