3rd Annual Global Achievement Awards and Fulbright Recognition Breakfast hosted by USF World

ST. PETERSBURG, FL - This event recognizes the importance of international engagement across the USF System. During a program led by President Genshaft and USF World administrators, USF recognizes the contributions of staff, faculty, administrators, and students to our global profile.  Recipients of the Global Achievement Awards are competitively selected by a panel of their peers and represent the highest standards of scholarship and professionalism.  The breakfast event also shines a spotlight on the success of USF’s Faculty Fulbright program and recognizes our incoming Fulbright Scholars from around the world. 

Congratulations to Dr. Brian Barnes on representing Dr. Chuanmin Hu's
Optical Oceanography Lab.

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Alumni and current student sail from Honolulu to San Diego

Honolulu, HI - Dr. Monica Wolfson Schwehr (M.S. from CMS in 2005) pictured next to Jennifer Brizzolara (M.S. student at CMS) at the start of a UNOLS Chief Scientist Training Cruise with an emphasis on Marine Geology and Geophysics research, December 2-17, 2016, aboard the R/V Sikuliaq during a transit from Honolulu, HI to San Diego, CA.
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Board Port Food Truck Rally

ST. PETERSBURG, FL - Come join us for Holiday Cheer with great food, great neighbors and great friends at the December 16, 2016, Port Food Truck Rally.  This month's theme is Ugly Holiday Sweaters. 

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Graduate Student Success: A Model that Works

ST. PETERSBURG, FL - In their most recent issue, Brittany Sheehy, Assistant Director of Academic Affairs published, "Graduate Student Success: A Model that Works."

Brittany’s contribution indicates her commitment to providing quality advising to our students as well as demonstrates her dedication to the profession of advising and the academic success of all students.  Her article can be found at Graduate Student Success: A Model that Works.

We are very proud of Brittany and congratulate her on her achievement.

Florida Frontiers: The Geologic History of Florida

ST. PETERSBURG, FL - Florida used to be located at the South Pole.

As part of the continent Gondwana 650 million years ago, the foundation of Florida was tucked between the land masses that would become South America and Africa. The rest of eastern North America was then part of another continent called Laurentia. As the Earth’s tectonic plates shifted, the basement rocks of our modern continents moved across the globe.

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Sustaining Coastal Marine Social-Ecological System


Speaker: Heather Leslie

Affiliation: Darling Marine Center, University of Maine

Seminar Title: Sustaining Coastal Marine Social-Ecological System

When: Dec. 2, 2016 3:30pm EST

Where: MSL Conference Room (134)

Host: Marcy Cockrell/Murawski Lab

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Operational wind wave and coastal hazard forecasting in the US


Speaker: Andre J. van der Westhuysen

Affiliation: NOAA NWS/NCEP/Environmental Modeling Center

Seminar Title: Operational wind wave and coastal hazard forecasting in the US

When: Nov. 17, 2016 3:30pm EST

Where: MSL Conference Room (134)

Host: Joseph Long (USGS)

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Clam Bayou Cleanup for BLUE 2016

ST. PETERSBURG, FL - This past Saturday, November 12, 2016 at Clam Bayou USF Marine Science's E&O team hosted 57 volunteers who collectively removed 214 pounds of marine debris from the ocean. Our volunteers included students, teachers and parents from the following.

Admiral Farragut Academy - 71# debris
Canterbury School - 65# debris
Lakewood High School - 24# debris
Scubanauts International - 18# debris
USF Marine Science - 36# debris

Special thanks to Pam and Bob Muller, Marcy Cockrell, Kate Dubikas, Gabrielle Browning, Adrienne Hollister, Makenna Martin, Jared Koverski, and Teresa Greely to making this event a success.

Mengqiu's Sargassum work highlighted by IOCCG

ST. PETERSBURG, FL - Several new publications have been added to the IOCCG Recent References list including a paper by Wang and Hu (2016) on mapping and quantifying Sargassum distribution.  Sargassum washing ashore on the beaches of the Caribbean Islands since 2011 has caused problems for the local environments, tourism, and economies, yet little is known about their origin, distribution, and long-term changes.

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4th Anniversary of Tampa Bay Marine Science Networking Happy Hour

ST. PETERSBURG, FL - Happy Anniversary!  Our next Tampa Bay Area Marine Science Networking Happy Hour will be Wednesday November 9, 2016, 4:30-6:30pm at Canopy Rooftop Bar atop the Birchwood Hotel, 340 Beach Dr NE, St Petersburg, FL 33701 for our Fourth Anniversary.  The event is self pay, they have great happy hour specials for as low as $3 and you cannot beat the view.  Park in a nearby garage or at street meters and name tags will be provided. 

This is our final event in 2016 so if you have not made it to one all year then now is the time, and January will bring us some new venues again. Find a potential employer or collaborator, a new grad student, a new major professor - or just meet other science professionals outside your office, because networking is not just for when you are not working. Please share this notice and join us - and bring your ocean science professional friends and colleagues.