Short-lived Radioisotope Laboratory

Principle Scientist: Patrick Schwing

The short-lived radioisotope laboratory is comprised of three high-resolution gamma spectrometer systems (2 well, 1 planar) used for broad applications in radiogeochemistry, water column radiochemistry, and analytical chemistry, but commonly used for oil spill research, paleoceanography, and characterization of recent sedimentation in coastal, estuarine, and marine settings.

Facility Instrumentation:

Two Canberra high-purity germanium (HPGe) broad energy gamma detectors (Model # GCW3023) coupled to DCA1000 multi-channel analyzers.

Canberra high-purity germanium (HPGe) broad energy gamma detector (Model #  GX1518) coupled to an analog multi-channel analyzer.

Associated PI's and Staff: Schwing (oil spill geochemistry), Hollander (oil spill geochemistry), Shevenell (paleoceanography), Rosenheim (paleoceanography), Byrne (analytical chemistry)

Contact: Patrick Schwing for more information or to inquire about collaborative research or analytical services.