DISCLAIMER: The Continental Shelf Characterization, Assessment and Mapping Project (C-SCAMP) requests that it be referenced as the originator of this dataset in any future products or research derived from these data. These data are scientific in nature and should not be used for navigation or any purposes relating to safety at sea. As such, the Continental Shelf Characterization, Assessment and Mapping Project (C-SCAMP) will not be held accountable for any injury, loss, or damage resulting from their misuse.



Below you can download multibeam bathymetry data for the Elbow by simply clicking on the images. The file types available are a .kmz and GeoTIFF, both of which can be imported into GIS programs.

Note: for the GeoTIFF to work properly, you must download the XML file as well by right-clicking the image and saving the file.






Murawski, S., Lembke C., Gray, J., Brizzolara, J., and Hommeyer, M. The Elbow [map]. Data collected December 2015. 4x4-m grid. "The Elbow Data Products." Last updated May 2016. Retrieved from: http://www.marine.usf.edu/scamp/data-products/theelbowdata. Funding provided by the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation (NFWF): GEBF Grant #45892.

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