Setting up Gmail aliases

How do I send out my gmail but make it look like it's coming from another of my e-mail addresses? To do this you need to configure an alias. You will also need access to the account you wish to setup the alias for. A confirmation e-mail will get sent to the account to make sure it's yours.

  1. Login into the webmail interface at
  2. Click on the gear icon in the upper right corner Google Gear Icon and select "Mail Settings"
    Mail Settings
  3. Click on the "Accounts" category
  4. Beside "Send Mail As:", click on the "Add another email address you own" link
  5. Add in your name and the e-mail address of the alias. Leave "Treat as an alias" checked. You must have access to this e-mail address in order to receive a confirmation number..
    Add Alias Window

    Click "Next Step >>"
  6. Normally you will leave the "Send through University of South Florida Mail" selected. Only instructions for this method are being given.

    Which server to send mail through

    Click "Next Step >>".
  7. Now click the "Send Verification" button to send an e-mail to the address you entered to verify you have access to the alias.
    Click to send verification e-mail to the e-mail address you entered
  8. Wait for the confirmation e-mail and enter the confirmation number and click "Verify"
    Enter confirmation code window
  9. The "Send Mail As" section of the configuation window should now show your e-mail address. If it doesn't then refresh the browser window.
    You could click on "make default" if you wish this address to be the default address shown when you e-mail someone. This will be used automatically when you send mail through the webmail interface.
    If you are using a e-mail client, like Thunderbird or Outlook, then you must set your e-mail address for your g-mail account to the alias address in order to allow the recipients to get mail showing the alias address in the From: line.
  10. To allow Thunderbird to e-mail to and have it appear as another address, click on Tools/Account Settings. Click on the acount in the left column. On the right it will show the Account name and have a "Email Address:" field. Change the e-mail address from your address to the alias address you configured in the gmail configuration window. Click OK. Now any mail you send will have the alias address on the From line.