How to Load the USFCMS Mail Certificate

These instructions are for Windows computers wired into our Marine Science network (not for wireless).

If you see this annoying little popup when you're entering Outlook or Outlook express, and again when you send your first e-mail

You can get rid of it by loading the certificate into your PC, using the following procedure. Installing the
certificate authority doesn't exempt you from authorizing yourself to the mail server with your username
and password. It just allows the self signed certificates from our server to be authorized.


For Vista & Windows 7 computers, click on the certificate file, like in the XP instructions but manually install it under Trusted Root Certificates.

Loading Win 7

These instructions are for Windows XP computers.

Click on the Start button then click Run. Type in \\ftp\Software after "Open: " and click [ Ok ]. You have
to be on our Marine Science network to be able to access \\ns2\Software. If you want to do this from home,
you'll have to copy the certificate to a floppy to take home, or ftp it from seas, in the /usr/local/downloads directory.

Find the folder MailCertificate and click on it. Click on mail_cert.cer

The following window should appear -

Click on [Install Certificate...] A "Certificate Import Wizard" will appear.

Click on the [ Next> ] button.

The next screen titled "Certificate Store" appears

The option "Automatically select the certificate store based on the type of certificate" should be selected, click [ Next> ].

Finally the Completing the Certificate Import Wizard" screen appears.

click on the [ Finish ] button.

Another window will pop up asking you to verify the authenticity of the certification authority.

Click [ Yes ].

You should get a windows which says "The import was successful.".

Click the [ OK ] button. You'll be left with the original "Certificate" window.


Click the [ OK ] button to close it.
Now you shouldn't see the warning about the mail certificate when you start outlook.