Kristen Buck - Chemical Oceanography

Kristen Buck

Chemical Oceanography

Research: Trace Metal Biogeochemistry; Metal-Binding Organic Ligands

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Don P. Chambers - Physical Oceanography

Don P. Chambers

Physical Oceanography

Research: Using satellite observations to understand climate change and ocean dynamics

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Kendra L. Daly - Biological Oceanography

Kendra L. Daly

Biological Oceanography

Research: Zooplankton Ecology; Gulf of Mexico and Antarctic Ecosystems; Low Oxygen Regions in the Ocean; Ocean Observatories; Sensor Technology

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Eugene Domack - Geological Oceanography

Eugene Domack

Geological Oceanography

Research: Ice shelf systems; Glacial marine sedimentology; Biotic adjustments to ice shelf collapse; Neoproterozoic glacial events; Geochronology; Late Paleozoic glacial environments in Gondwana; Sediment geochemistry; Radiocarbon systematics in southern ocean.

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Xinfeng Liang - Physical Oceanography

Xinfeng Liang

Physical Oceanography

Research: Role of Ocean in the Climate System, Influence of Mesoscale Eddies on the Deep Ocean Processes, Ocean Mixing and the Associated Dynamical Processes, Ocean Current Measurement and Ocean State Estimation

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Brad E. Rosenheim - Geological Oceanography

Brad E. Rosenheim

Geological Oceanography

Research: Paleoceanography/Paleoclimate, stable isotopes, carbon cycling

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Amelia Shevenell - Geological Oceanography

Amelia Shevenell

Geological Oceanography

Research: Paleoceanography/Paleoclimatology; Trace and minor elements in biogenic calcite and marine sediments; Stable isotopes in carbonate and siliceous marine microfossils; Lipid biomarkers; Sedimentology

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