Faculty Spotlight

Don Chambers elected as a Fellow of the AGU

Don Chambers elected as a Fellow of the AGU

ST. PETERSBURG, FL - University of South Florida physical oceanographer Don Chambers,...

Award of Tenure

Award of Tenure

ST. PETERSBURG, FL - Congratulations to Brad Rosenheim and Ernst Peebles.  We have re...

John Paul receives one of the five 2015 Excellence in Innovation Awards for work in 2014

John Paul receives one of the five 2015 Excellence in Innovation Awards for work in 2014

ST. PETERSBURG, FL - At the Annual Luncheon of the USF Chapter of the National Academ...

C-IMAGE Spotlight: Chuanmin Hu

C-IMAGE Spotlight: Chuanmin Hu

ST. PETERSBURG, FL - Dr. Chuanmin Hu and his PhD student Shaojie Sun discuss their C-...



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Diversity News

Diversity News - Coming Soon

Our Commitment

Our Commitment - Coming Soon

Our Plan

The College of Marine Science is committed to recruiting and retaining a diverse student body, and to competing for the most highly qualified applicants in the country. We are already doing an excellent job in this area, and we will continue this success into the future. The percentage of under-represented minorities (URM) in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) is low compared to society (>30%). For ocean sciences, the percentage is even lower than other STEM fields. According to the National Science Foundation and the Consortium of Ocean Leadership surveys, underrepresented graduate student minorities (Hispanic, Black, Native American/Pac Islander) in ocean sciences is about 9% +/- 5%. Over the past fifteen years, our College has grown its diversity from ~2% to ~15% on average. In 2013, seven out of 14 PhD degrees awarded in our College were to URM students. Although that was an exceptional year, our goal is to grow our diversity as much as qualified applicant pool allows for (target of 19% by 2021). This effort will insure that our students are prepared for success in a diverse workplace environment.

USF Diversity Statement: http://www.usf.edu/diversity/diversity-inclusion/index.aspx

Diversity Lecture Series: http://www.usf.edu/diversity/diversity-inclusion/diversity-lecture-series.aspx

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Who is welcome at CMS?

We welcome anyone who has a passion for the oceans and for science, who values different perspectives, and who cherishes the opportunity to think critically and promote dialogue about the knowledge we create and disseminate. Regardless of what you look like, what you believe, or where you come from, we want to include you in our college if this description fits you.


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