The Tavros Project

The Tavros Project joins advanced oceanographic technology with modern social media communications to bring environmental data to the public for "crowd-sourced" dissemination. We use social media platforms to serve as publicly-accessible online "cloud" repositories of time-series datasets. Using advanced neural-network algorithms and heuristic modeling, this "cloud" data can then be accessed and analyzed for any number of end-user purposes. For example, fisheries managers might be interested in general water quality parameters that affect fish stocks. Public health officials might need to be alerted when conditions are ideal for harmful algal blooms to occur. The general public might simply be curious if the beach water temperature is comfortable for swimming. The potential end-user applications of crowd-sourced data analysis are nearly limitless. The Tavros project leverages the EcoSystems Group's expertise with advanced hardware and software technologies to make these concepts a reality.

Our first generation of this strategy involves the use of Tavros solar-powered AUVs carrying advanced sensor payloads "tweeting" water quality conditions to interested followers. While the data "SeaTweetsTM" might appear dry to the average person, the feed associated with the Twitter handle serves as a "cloud" repository of key time-lapse water-quality parameters. The data is regularly processed to generate useful graphs, reports and other notifications of importance depending on the groups to whom it is disseminated.

For example, the feed to the right displays up-to-date SeaTweetsTM from the @tavros02 solar AUV.

For updated data results, visit our #SeaTweet data page.

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