Travel Changes - 2007

University Controllers Office

June 2007

Dear Travel Clients:

Florida Legislation passed in May of 2007 mandates that the Board of Governors and Universities are subject to FS112.061 travel rules.

As of July 1, 2007, all Florida public universities are required to adhere to statutory requirements for reimbursements.

While existing USF Travel policies will remain in place until the effective date, the rules and policies that will be impacted by the change are highlighted below.


Changes to current policy, effective and applicable to all travel occurring on or after July 1, 2007:



Mileage reimbursed for the use of personal vehicles while conducting USF business will be paid at rates pursuant to FS 112.061(7)(d)1.a.  The current Florida statutory rate is 44.5 cents per mile.



Domestic travelers will be paid meal allowances pursuant to FS112.061(6)(a-c) as follows:

Breakfast         $6

Lunch              $11

Dinner              $19

Total for day    $36


Meals for first and last days of domestic travel are based on times of departure and return.  On first and last days, travel must begin before 6am and extend past 8am to qualify for breakfast; begin before Noon and extend past 2pm to qualify for lunch; and begin before 6pm and extend past 8pm to qualify for dinner.

Meals included in the cost of registration fees or otherwise paid by USF must be deducted from the daily meal allowance.

Deviation from the published statutory meal allowances is not allowed without prior approval from the USF Finance Council.  Under no circumstances may the meal allowance claimed exceed the published state rates.

There is currently no meal or Flat Per Diem reimbursement for one day travel not involving an overnight stay.

Travel to Non-contiguous (Hawaii and Alaska) and US Possession (Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands) destinations will be paid meal allowances pursuant to FS112.061(6)(a-c) in the same manner and under the same rates as domestic travel.



Statutory changes will not impact current foreign travel rules and policies.

International Foreign travel will continue to be paid pursuant to allowances provided by the US Department of State.



Per Florida statute, Flat Per Diem may be claimed for any domestic or foreign travel in lieu of claiming actual lodging receipts and daily meal allowances.

The $80 daily rate is intended to reimburse for both lodging and meal expenses.

Any meals provided to the traveler at USF expense via a paid registration must be deducted from the daily $80 at the statutory rates of $6 for breakfast, $11 for lunch and $19 for dinner.

For figuring Flat Per Diem on the first and last days of travel, the travel day is divided into four quarters worth $20 each. The traveler should claim $20 for each quarter during which he or she is traveling.

Flat Per Diem should not be claimed in conjunction with any actual lodging or meal claims for the same day or trip


Please be advised that while most rates and calculations will be automatically populated in the coming FAST Travel module, preparers and approvers of travel authorizations and expense reports should be aware of current policies and procedures in order to correctly submit reimbursement requests.

Should you have questions or concerns regarding these changes, please do not hesitate to contact the Travel Department.


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Travel Procedures

Please note that as of July 1, 2017 USF now uses Archivum to process all travel and bookings may be made directly with vendors. Orbitz for Business is no longer being utilized by the University. 

More information about Archivum can be found at:

Travel authorizations must still be completed and approved prior to the start of a trip via the travel request form at:

With the new program there will no longer be travel wallets for pcard charges. All pcard charges will be reconciled as they are charged and processed to the chartfield given on the TAR. Please make sure this is accurate when submitting.

Airfare: You must stay within the USF policy threshold of $500 roundtrip for domestic travel and $1250 roundtrip for foreign travel. If you find flights that do not meet these thresholds please contact me for further instructions and necessary documentation.

Rental car: When traveling for USF business you may be reimbursed for the cost of a rental car and gas. You must rent a compact car with enterprise or national. If a larger vehicle is needed to transport equipment/samples or multiple passengers please discuss with me prior to booking.

Hotel:  The nightly rate for a hotel must be below $200 per night. The only exceptions to this policy is when it is the conference hotel or when there are no hotels available in the area. Travel must be at least 50 miles away from campus for a hotel stay to be justified.

Uber/Taxi/Ground Transportation: Uber/lyft and other rideshare services are allowable as ground transportation options. Various shuttles, buses and taxis are still allowable options. All ground transportation must have a receipt showing the trip total and if a tip was given. The maximum allowed tip amount is 18% of the total fare.

Per diem: When traveling you will be paid per diem for all meals. There is no need to save receipts. For domestic travel the daily rate is $36 ($6 for breakfast, $11 for lunch and $19 for dinner). When traveling to foreign destinations please contact me for per diem rates.

Agenda: An agenda or schedule at a glance must be provided for ALL meetings, conferences, workshops. This agenda or schedule must include whether meals were provided or just a break for meals was given.

As always, receipts should be given as soon as possible following the completion of a trip. Failure to produce receipts could mean the delay of processing an expense report. Reports unprocessed after 60 days from the conclusion of the trip will require a memorandum to be signed by the traveler, supervisor, Dean and Provost.

If you have any questions, please contact me.

Elisha M. Evangelisto

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