USF E-mail Configuration

A USF e-mail address is automatically setup when you sign up for your NetID.  Your e-mail address name will be your NetID name.
- If you are a student you will get a address, which is hosted on Google Apps
- If you are a employee (except for certain classes of employees which are typically filled by students ie TA, GA) you will get a address

If you have a account and need a employee address contact Doug Myhre. addresses are permanent, you can keep them after after leaving USF. accounts are closed as soon as you are no longer an employee.

Both e-mail addresses can be checked by logging into MyUSF and going to the E-mail menu option.  Click on the links below for steps to setup mail clients, like hotmail login, Thunderbird and mobile devices to access your e-mail. Accounts accounts are hosted on Google Apps. They are not closed when you leave USF unless you request it.
Instructions for setting up mail clients using IMAP & POP
Setting up accounts on mobile devices. Accounts - USF Faculty/Staff E-mail

12/2013 - All new accounts are being setup on Office 365 a service hosted on Microsoft servers. By the end of summer 2014, all existing e-mail accounts will be migrated over to Office 365 Accounts are no longer available.  We only setup listserv mailing lists.

USF requires people everyone to have either a address or address