Problems sending mail through the CMS server

This can be due to a number of problems.

  1. Of coarse, make sure you have a working internet connection. Can you reach the Marine Science web page?
  2. Make sure your outgoing server configuration is correct. You must be setup for secure mail (SSL) and authenticating using your seas username and password.
    Click Here to go to the e-mail configuration page for detailed information.
  3. If you are running Norton Antivirus Home edition - this blocks encrypted mail from being sent out and will block your mail to our server. You will need to disable scanning of outgoing mail in order to be able to send mail. If your computer is a USF computer, then please install McAfee instead. USF has a site license for McAfee.
  4. Sometimes the Windows operating system reports the mail program names using their short name, then McAfee 7 & 8 spam blockers will block the outgoing mail since it doesn't recognize the program.

    You can figure out if this is happening by rightclicking on the McAfee Shield on the right side of your taskbar and select " VirusScan Console..." (or Clicking on the Start button, All Programs, Network Associates, and finally " VirusScan Console"). When the console window pops up, right click on Access Protection and select " View Log". At the bottom of the log file, look for lines which say "Prevent mass mailing worms from sending mail" with the name of the mail program you're using. Most popular programs are unblocked from sending mail, but if, for instance, the OS is reporting thunderbird.exe as "thunde~1.exe" then it would be blocked.

    To add your mail program to the exclusion list (make sure you've got the correct program name, so you're not unblocking a spamming worm) rightclick on "Access Protection" and select " Properties". In the window which pops up, click once on the line titled "Prevent mass mailing worms from sending mail" and then click the [EDIT] button. At the bottom of the edit window which appears, you'll see "Excluded Processes". Add the mail program names to the end of this list, each entry separated by a comma, and click OK and then click OK again to close these two windows.

    Do not disable the Prevent mass mailing rule since this rules prevents spamming worms from using your computer to spam the world.
  5. If you are traveling, it is possible that the IP address you are using was previously assigned to a computer which was spamming the network. This can cause your e-mail sent through our server to bounce or get quarantined as spam cause it's listed as a spamming computer in blacklists. To check a typical list - get your IP address (with step 5) then go to the CBL Lookup Page and see if your IP is listed there. If you are sure your computer isn't the problem (you better have up to date virus software running!!!), you can de-list the IP.
  6. If DNS isn't setup properly for the IP address assigned to your computer, our mail server will block your mail. This is a standard practice to prevent a spammer from impersonating a computer on our domain.

    You can check your DNS entries by clicking on the Start button on your task bar, then clicking on Run. Type in "cmd" (for windows XP & 2000) in the blank to bring up a DOS window. In the window type "ipconfig" and press the enter key. This will tell you your IP address. Then type "nslookup" in the DOS window, press enter, type in your IP address after the "> " prompt and press enter. You should see your hostname and IP address returned. If you get a error, then you may have a problem. Contact support @ to check if there is a problem.

    We might not always be able to help you if there is a DNS problem.
    - If you are on our Marine Science network, we can help you through the problem. Often if you have a non-compliant name assigned to your computer, you can change the name to a proper name, reboot and the DNS problem will be solved. Support has to take care of static naming issues.
    - If you are on a non-Marine Science network (like at home) then another ISP takes care of your DNS naming tables and you will have to contact them about fixing the problem.